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Creator Corner - Hound Comics

The Past Few Days….

Written by on Sep 16, 2011
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…Have been so much fun! We’ve been uber busy in the office, our creative team is do their thing (you need to follow our artists Sajad and Mina an DeviantArt). First up, the folks from Little Brass Bird sent over the prototypes of their brand new Brimstone and the Borderhounds plush toys!
Brim with the Little Brass Bird Plushies!
They are super cute and cuddly! You can see them for the first time with us seeing them the first time!

And then things got a little crazy…we were making the craziest foods..the guys here have been going on an Epic Meal Time craze, and everything just feel so damn epic! We made the craziest-weirdest-but-awesome bacon and eggs. Etan does love his bacon!

You can see the eggs cooking in the newest Coordinator’s Corner, WITH MORE JELLY CRACK!

We will be traveling around, so be sure to check out when we’ll be in your town!

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Post Wizard World Chicago 2011 Recap

Written by on Aug 20, 2011
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It’s another episode of the Coordinator’s Corner!! Etan Wish brings you on a quick tour of Wizard World, join him and revel in his nonsense!

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

More From Wizard World Chicago 2011

Written by on Aug 19, 2011
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Here are some new updates from Hound Comics at Wizard World Chicago!

Of course, we love eating! So there’s another Tid-Bit video from over at Mr. Beef and Pizza, where we had their famous Italian Beef Sandwiches, Pizza Puffs, and Burgers! It was absolutely DELICIOUS!

Saturday and Sunday were off the HOOK at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center! We even had a very special visitor, Irene Bedard!! Irene played the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney feature, and was kind enough to give us a shout out!! Also giving a shout out was the WWF wrestling legend, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake! We had such a good time, can’t wait for the next Wizard World in Ohio!

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Post Wizard World Chicago 2011 Update!

Written by on Aug 16, 2011
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Wizard World was awesome! It was so great seeing all the fans come out, and it was great making new ones! A lot of people came by to pick up the one and the only Brimstone and the Borderhounds issues 1-4. They were also excited to see the brand new sketch book and coloring book! We had something for everyone at our booth, whether it be comics, original art work, video games, or just to be entetained by our loving family, no one left dissapointed.

Everyone who drove left a day early, and of course…Etan gets everyone lost…like everytime.

Thursday began a day early for Brimstone, Mina and Etan, after all, they wanted to be fresh and ready for day 1! They made stops along the way to see the Cheif Informational Officer (CIO) Frank Lamberti, get Mina her first Moe’s burrito, and even to see some local sites. Thursday morning was a Mexican breakfast, after all, Mina can’t get enough of her burritos!!

After breakfast, it was time to meet up with Terry Naughton, former Walt Disney animation artist of 17 years. Everyone went over to the convention center to set up booth 3555, Hound’s home for the weekend. From there the floor opened and the fun began! There were cosplayers, like a young Chell! I can imagine her putting together her potato plant!

By day 2, hound was there in full force! Sajad Shah landed, Allen, Mina and Terry had all settled in, and it was time to start showing everyone what we are made of! Sajad took a ton of commissions, including this amazingly sick Wonder Woman!

We had a great weekend, keep an eye out for the official post Wizard World Chicago video on our TV channel.

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Coordinator’s Corner (pre Wizard World Chicago 2011)

Written by on Aug 16, 2011
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A little late, but here’s the pre-Wizard World Coordinator’s Corner! Funniest episode to date fo-sho! We had Brimstone, Sajad Shah, Allen Chickering, Terry Naughton, Mina Sanwald, and myself Etan Wish in force at the convention. Terry was the ONLY Walt Disney artist in the entire convention! Wizard World was awesome, an update from that is coming up next!

Quick Update from Etan Wish!

Written by on Aug 12, 2011
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Right now Hound Comics is representing in full force at Wizard World Chicago! This post was put up the other day, by far the most ridiculously amazingly awesome update to date!!! Come by to booth 3555 and say hello!!

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Latest Update from Etan Wish!

Written by on Aug 4, 2011
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Here’s the newest episode of the Coordinator’s Corner, featuring Etan Wish. Listen in to hear a little bit about Hound Kids expanding, our upcoming trip to Wizard World Chicago, The Great Luscious Contest, and the chance to download FREE ringtones!! So much has been going on, and Etan is keeping on top of it all!

If anyone has any questions about Hound Comics, or any suggestions as o what you want to see, let us know! Leave a comment below or email! We want to hear what you are all thinking, so let it out!

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Hound Comics’ Coordinator’s Corner

Written by on Jul 20, 2011
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Etan Wish is back after a jam packed weekend! There’s a lot going on, so make sure you check out the APPEARANCE schedule often! We might be signing at a comic-con, or hosting a local event in your town! Aside from our appearances, a local entertainment venue is looking at a possible remodeling, or eminent destruction. The Nassau Coliseum is Long Island’s only major concert, sport and convention center. August 1st 2011 is the date to vote on the money needed to rebuild, so all you kids in Nassau County who want to help the future of Long Island, go to the WEBSITE, educate yourself on what’s going on, and vote on the 1st!! Also new in this episode, the lovable intern Tommy!!

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