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Fanboy Buzz - Primary Podcast
The Fanboy Buzz – Primary Podcast (or simply titled “Fanboy Buzz”) is a weekly look at the world of comics. Each week our hosts discuss a variety of topics including comic book news, reviews and more. Segments include Steven Boyd’s Comic Collector Live Pick of the Week, Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews, Jason Read a Trade, Let Me Arc You This, Off the Beaten Bath, Stephen’s Log, Stephen Supports Sucky Comics, and Time Sphere. Although these segments are rotated each week, every episode features the coveted “Issue to Issue” segment where we all discuss select issues from the week.

Latest Show

  •  #156 – Fanboy Buzz – Super Legends and ATGN Crossover, Part Deux – Comic Book Podcast

    As we rapidly approach the year mark since the podcast closed up, a few members of ATGN, Legends and the the former Fanboy Buzz get together to acknowledge a nod Episode 156 got in a recent interview. We reflect on how this crossover special helped to form a new relationship which blossomed into the development of the Gonna Geek Podcast network. This leads into a previous unreleased unedited version of Episode 156. Have fun. Genre: Comic Book Podcast | Updates: Often | Duration: 125 minutes | Subscribe: RSS Feed

Fanboy Buzz - The Nameless News
Long time listeners of the podcast know that if there’s one thing that gets Steve Boyd going it’s discussing comic book news. What you don’t realize is that every episode Steve’s fellow hosts spend 30-45 minutes calming him down after he breaks down once he remembers that he can only provide one news point for the show… or at least that was the case until he found the perfect therapeutic outlet for this issue – the nameless news. About once a week (sometimes more) Steve will take you through several topics making headlines in the world of comics.

Latest Show

  •  #128 – Fanboy Buzz Presents: The Nameless News – Comic Book Podcast

    Fanboy Buzz Presents: The Nameless News. During this edition of the Fanboy Buzz Steve Boyd runs down a few extra news points including the development of a TV show set in “The World of the Avengers”, DC has a new 52 crossover coming and CW’s Arrow now has a premiere date. Chime in on twitter @fanboybuzz or leave a voicemail at 239-244-2899. Show Note 1: Marvel Universe TV Show Show Note 2: Norman Alden Article…

Fanboy Buzz - Nothing New Here
Nothing new here… or should it be nothing new anywhere? Every now and then Stephen Jondrew sees a topic making its rounds on the internet that it seems like all of the internet agrees on, yet for some reason he doesn’t. So while its unlikely the topic he’ll be ranting about is new, there’s a high probability his opinion may new one you haven’t heard yet. This is his little corner of the show where he’ll vent, yell and maybe even drop an F bomb or two, but by the end of things there will be one thing clear – his opinion.

Latest Show

  •  #97.5 – Fanboy Buzz Presents: Nothing New Here – Comic Book Podcast

    #97.5 – Fanboy Buzz Presents: Nothing New Here. In Stephen Jondrew’s take on “Fanboy Buzz Presents” called “Nothing New Here” he’ll give you his take on a topic that’s making headlines this week: AMC’s Comic Book Men… more specifically he’ll take on Corrina Lawson’s review of it. Show Note 1: The Article Discussed Genre: Comic Book Podcast | Updates: Whenever | Duration: 11 minutes | Subscribe: RSS Feed

Fanboy Buzz - The Quantum Zone
Quasar is a highly underrated character that never got anywhere near the attention deserved – or at least that’s what Scott Williams will tell you. Scott has begun a mission to bring to light long forgotten Quasar stories in this podcast titled “The Quantum Zone”. If you have 10 to 15 minutes to spare, sit back, relax and let Scott recap an issue of Quasuar that you probably forgot about.

Latest Show

  •  #116 – Fanboy Buzz Presents: The Quantum Zone – Quasar #8 – Comic Book Podcast

    Fanboy Buzz Presents: The Quantum Zone. In this spin-off bonus series of the Fanboy Buzz titled “The Quantum Zone”, Scott Williams takes us to the past as he relives his life-long passion of Quasar – with Quasar Issue #8. As always you can leave us a message for this or any other one of our podcasts at 239-244-2899! Genre: Comic Book Podcast | Updates: Whenever | Duration: 10 minutes | Subscribe: RSS Feed


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