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Here’s how it works. Neither combatant will have prior knowledge of the fight and will INITIALLY only have what they normally carry on their person.

Combatants will be plucked from their respective universes and dropped into the BUZZ DOME with zero prep time. They are magically imbued with a bloodthirsty desire to kill their opponent and are not holding back or pulling their punches, unless otherwise specified.

The BUZZ DOME features can be viewed in the attached image (Click for full size image). Basically, it’s a huge dome from which there is no escape. Once you’re in, you’re not leaving. The dome houses a body of water and an island that holds a castle with ten guard towers. There are weapons and equipment that can be used by the combatants at the top of the guard towers of the castle.

Characters with the ability to do so, can phase through structures on the island as well as through the ground itself. Characters cannot escape through the ground, due to the dome completely surrounding the environment.

Fights are to the death, unless death is impossible (for example, characters like Lobo and Thanos who cannot die). If a character cannot be killed for whatever reason, a knockout will be considered a victory.

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