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Stephen Jondrew • [Twitter]
Site Administrator | Podcaster

Stephen Jondrew lives in Western Canada, so his igloo building skills are somewhat lacking. When Stephen’s not podcasting or working on Fanboy Buzz, he’s often spending time with other geeky things from Tech to Sci-Fi. In 2012 Stephen created a Geek Website called Gonna Geek
Scott Williams • [Facebook] [Twitter]
Site Administrator | Podcaster

Scott Williams was born and raised in a military family. At an early age his father introduced him to comic books and he’s been hooked ever since. He’s grew up on Marvel Comic’s Avengers but is now an avid reader of DC Comics titles like Green Lantern, GLC and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. In the last couple of years he began to expand his reading into Indy comics and is a fan of Robert Kirkman and Jason M. Burns in particular. Scott is an active duty paratrooper in the United States Army and is married with three children.
Jean-Sebastien Heroux • [Twitter]
Site Administrator | Podcaster

Jean Sebastien Heroux
Jean-Sebastien Heroux was born and raised in Montreal Canada. He has recently returned to the Comic Scene ( in 2008 ) due to a temporal rift opening in his head and permitting him to view comic books in a new light. Js is also an avid film collector.
JS is a Marvel and Indy book fanatic, he’s not a huge fan of the DCU, but he does keep an eye on it.Being from a French Canadian background , JS seems to have some type of talent to manipulate the internet to drive traffic to our site. Hence this is the reason we have made him our Social Media Administrator.He’s also hated around the world for his love of bad comics, so we figured we will make him the Global moderator since no one likes him anyway. You can find JS on twitter: Thereal_JSH ( Help him defeat the evil Scott and his high follower count)


Steven Boyd • [Facebook] [Twitter]

According to secret FBI documents released in 2007, Steve Boyd grew tired of his life as a playboy, GQ fashion model and Olympic-Level athlete with agility, strength and dexterity among the top 1% of the nation’s adult male population. Boyd volunteered for a top-secret government program called “PROJECT: FANBOY”, designed to help men who had acheived physical perfection fit into a more pop-culture oriented 21st Century world. Boyd was the only volunteer to survive the injections of the experimental serum. Through a mixture of Vita-Rays and prolonged exposure to multiple 80’s cartoons, the experiment was considered a complete success and gave Boyd an extensive knowledge of comic book and pop-culture history as well as the average 5’9″, 165 lb physique he longed for. He devoted his life to raising awareness about comics to the next generation and personally vows no rest until “JERSEY SHORE” is off the air. He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee where he enjoys spending time with his fiance, helping take care of their 1-year old Chinchilla, and volunteering his time as co-host of the FANBOY BUZZ PODCAST. He still, however, bears the burden of being the best-looking comic collector in the United States.


Tommy Zimmer • [Facebook] | [Web]
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews & Columnist: Zimmertainment

Tommy Zimmer is an upcoming writer of short stories, comic books, journalism/media reviews, screenplays, and anything related to writing. He is headquartered in Detroit, MI where he attends University of Detroit Mercy. He is majoring in English Creative Writing with two minors in Business Administration and Multimedia Journalism. He currently helms his “zimmert101” blog at He also writes comic book reviews for Modern Myth
M. Quann Boyd • [Web]
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews

M. Quann Boyd has published two fiction short stories, “The Love Movement” and “Hate… Reasons to be Happy,” and a non-fiction research article, “Hip-Hop of the Gods: the Five Percent Nation’s Influence on Rap Music.” Recently, M. Quann Boyd has been a contributor to with reviews including: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Spider-Man: Edge of Time and LA Noire.
Tommy Hancock •
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews

Though the list of things that Tommy Hancock loves is quite immense, very few things have ever come close to his love for comics (Not including living things, of course. He’s a jittery ol’ hermit, not a monster). Fancying himself a writer, Tommy has aspirations in every form of media(Novels, short stories, TV, film, web series, comics(#1), etc.) and can usually be found locked in his room tapping away at his laptop, which is quite literally falling apart from the constant poundings. Lacking any artistic ability himself, aside from being able to string words together, Tommy is always on the lookout for a talented Lad or lass to collaborate with, so if you’re in the market for a writer feel free to drop him a line. He only bites when provoked.
Tommy Hancock lives in the California High Desert with his dog, Quincy. He resides in a house that is heavily fortified to withstand even the most extreme of zombie onslaughts.
Tali Adina • [Web] [Web]
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews

Tali Adina is the creator of the blog Comicmaniacs. Tali also posts her thoughts and comic scripts on her blog The Diary of a Novice Comic Book Writer. She’s also a contributor on Her first comic book script “Defect Light to Combat the Darkness” was accepted to the women-created comic book anthology Womanthology, created by Renae De Liz. She was paired with artist Kelly Turnbull. She also wrote a one page story for the Womanthology Holiday PDF & Valentine’s Day special with artist Brenda Kirk entitled “Don’t Let the Light Go Out” and “June”.
Wes Locher • [Web]
Staff Writer: Column: Right Place at the Right Time

Wes Locher is a lover and writer of comic books. He’s also the author of Musings on Minutiae, a collection of humorous essays released in 2009.

Check out his column “Right Place at the Write Time” in our comic book columns section

Austin Allen Hamblin •
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews

An aspiring comic book writer from small town Iowa, Austin dreams of being the next Stan Lee! He is NOT a farmer, but his dad was and his dad was……

Check out his column here.

Chris Deneen •
Staff Writer: Comic Book Reviews

Chris Deneen is a freelance writer and comic creator living in Omaha Nebraska. He is currently working on a new creator owned comic called “A ghoul named Gus” and his first novel.

He has a sporadically updated blog at In 2013 he will be covering conventions for bleedingcool.


Jason Dyer •

Jason Dyer was a permanent Fanboy Buzz podcast host between March 2011 and September 2012.

Dyer’s first appearance on the sho was in March 2010 on Episode 7, his last permanent show was Episode 133.

Before opening up a comic book shop with fellow Fanboy Buzz Host Steve Boyd, Jason worked as a freelance writer for numerous newspapers, websites, magazines and other trade publications. He has sold short stories, published his own comic property’s, developed characters and plotlines for video and board gaming companies.Along with writing and editing website content, corporate communications, marketing collateral, promotional pieces, researcher and press releases. Check out his website at


Fanboy Buzz began in 2005 when founders Stephen Jondrew and Scott Williams decided that they needed a place to express their comic book interest. The two wanted to create a website that focused on mainstream comics, but also give independent and smaller works a place to advertise their work. Project Fanboy was born.

Over the years the website has been revamped several times to help smoothly merge the independent works and mainstream works. The redesigns have allowed Project Fanboy to create enough exposure for the publishers that they started releasing press releases and advanced previews of their work to Project Fanboy. The site now focuses mainly on its comic book podcast, reviews and interviews with figures in the comic book industry.

Some more well known publishing companies Fanboy Buzz regularly works with include:

  • Marvel Comics
  • Devil’s Due Publishing
  • Ape Entertainment
  • Viper Comics
  • Free Lunch Comics
  • Gemstone Publishing
  • Arcana Comics
  • After Hours Press
  • Boom! Studios

Since its inception, the site has conducted numerous interviews and reviewed works of various comic book authors, publishers, creators, and artists. Interviewing such names as Jim Balent, Peter Laird, Dan Berger, and Darren Sanchez, we have become a respected name in the online comic book community. In 2010 we translated this into an audio form with our FANBOY BUZZ Comic Book Podcast. In 2011 the Fanboy Buzz took yet another step partnering with Comic Collector Live making the Fanboy Buzz the official podcast of two well known Comic Book websites.

In February 2012 Project Fanboy and the Fanboy Buzz sites merged continuing all operations under the Fanboy Buzz name.


Fanboy Buzz (Project Fanboy) is an independently run comic book promotions website, dedicated to promoting publishers, artists, and creators in the comic book industry with a specific emphasis on news, comic book reviews and interviews of persons and publishers in the comic book industry. For additional information visit

Nothing contained on the site shall (a) be considered a legally binding agreement, amendment or modification of any agreement with Project Fanboy, each of which requires a fully executed agreement to be received by Project Fanboy or (b) be deemed approval of any product, packaging, advertising or promotion material, which may only come from Project Fanboy’s Legal Department.


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