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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Mico Suayan

Written by on Jul 2, 2013
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Creative Continuity in assocation with Bestow Productions presents Len Wein

Written by on Jun 11, 2013
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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Rod Reis and Kenneth Rocafort

Written by on May 26, 2013
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Vertigo Comics Preview: Fables #124

Written by on Dec 17, 2012
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Vertigo Comics Preview: Fables #124





On Wednesday, December 19th, Vertigo Comics will release the 124th issue of Bill Willingham and Shawn McManus’ Fables. We have a four page preview of the book above along with Joao Ruas’ cover. Be sure to check it out when it comes to your local comic shop this Wednesday!

DC Comics Preview: Moloch #2

Written by on Dec 17, 2012
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On Wednesday, December 19th, DC Comics will release Before Watchmen: Moloch #2 to your local comic shop. Above, we have a preview of the first four pages plus both covers: one illustrated by Eduardo Risso and the other by Olly Moss! Be sure to check out the full comic when it reaches your local store this Wednesday!

Ethan Van Sciver teams up with the Fanboy Buzz!

Written by on Nov 13, 2012
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Ethan Van Sciver teams up with the Fanboy Buzz!

Photo by Luigi Novi.

13 November 2012 – DC Comics superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver has announced that he is joining the comic book podcast, the Fanboy Buzz as a host on a permanent basis.

The artist, who is well known in the comic book industry for his work on Green Lantern, The Flash and recently began drawing Batman: The Dark Knight, joins veteran Fanboy Buzz hosts Stephen Jondrew, Scott Williams, Jean Sebastian and Steve Boyd in a weekly look at the comic book world, starting with episode 142 of the show.

Ethan made the announcement late Saturday night on his Facebook page saying, “Dude, I’m becoming a podcast host starting on Monday on Fanboy Buzz” and asked his fans to call into the show to ask any questions they had of him.

His addition to the podcast was confirmed when fans and listeners of the show listened live to the episode as it recorded Monday night on the Fanboy Buzz website.

His debut as a host and permanent fixture on the show is scheduled to be published to the Fanboy Buzz website on Friday, November 16th. Fans can also listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher and the Android market app, DoggCatcher.

DC Entertainment Releases New VERTIGO App

Written by on Mar 7, 2012
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DC Entertainment Releases New VERTIGO App

And Announces SANDMAN Digital Comics Sale for $.99

Starting today, VERTIGO fans can download a new dedicated app featuring all Vertigo digital titles. The new app, available on the App Store, is free to download and features popular VERTIGO series THE SANDMAN, FABLES, Y: THE LAST MAN, PREACHER, 100 BULLETS, HELLBLAZER, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, THE UNWRITTEN, DMZ, THE INVISIBLES, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, and SWEET TOOTH, among others.

As an added bonus, readers who download the new VERTIGO app will have exclusive access to a three-day in-app sale that offers all SANDMAN digital comics for $.99 per issue. Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman, THE SANDMAN is one of the most acclaimed titles in the history of comics. Norman Mailer described the series as “a comic strip for intellectuals.” With a rich blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven, the series is considered to be one of the most original and artistically ambitious comic books of the modern age.

The launch of the app is timed to the release of four new VERTIGO series debuting each week this month, beginning with today’s publication of FAIREST by New York Times best-selling and award-winning writer Bill Willingham. A spin-off of FABLES, the series stars some of the fairest in the land and balances horror, humor and adventure. Each FAIREST storyline will explore the secret histories of one character, from Sleeping Beauty to Rapunzel to Cinderella to Thumbelina to Snow White and more. The first six issue arc drawn by Phil Jimenez (WONDER WOMAN, THE INVISIBLES) follows the misadventures of Briar Rose along with Ali Baba and the Snow Queen.

Also available same day digitally this month are the following new Vertigo series:

·       SAUCER COUNTRY (VERTIGO / ongoing series / 32pg. / Color / $2.99), a dark thriller that blends UFO lore and alien abduction with political intrigue, all set in the hauntingly beautiful Southwest written by Paul Cornell (DEMON KNIGHTS, Doctor Who) with art by Ryan Kelly (NEW YORK FIVE).

·       DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD (VERTIGO / ongoing series / 32pg. / Color / $2.99), a high octane story set in New Orleans that blends the mortal and supernatural worlds, written by former editor-in-chief of The Source magazine, award-winning author, journalist and TV producer Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, with art by Milestone Media co-founder Denys Cowan (THE QUESTION) and John Floyd with covers by Rafael Grampá.

·      THE NEW DEADWARDIANS (VERTIGO / mini-series / 32pg. / Color / $2.99), a murder mystery set among the world of the undead in post-Victorian era London, brought to vivid life by writer Dan Abnett (RESURRECTION MAN) with art by newcomer I. N. J. Culbard (At The Mountains of Madness).

“Making all of our digital titles available in one downloadable location provides readers even more accessibility to our vast array of ground-breaking stories. What’s better than that? I can’t wait to get the app on my phone.” said Karen Berger, executive editor, VERTIGO. “With four new series launching in March, this is the perfect time for fans to download the VERTIGO app and keep coming back each and every week.”

“As the digital landscape becomes increasingly crowded, this stand alone app underscores DCE’s commitment to growing and spotlighting Vertigo by directly addressing its unique reader base,” stated Hank Kanalz, senior vice president of digital, DC Entertainment. “Vertigo fans can now access same day digital content faster and more conveniently on their iOS devices.”

Click here [http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vertigo-comics/id503929481?mt=8&ls=1] to visit the App Store and download the new VERTIGO App.

Previews of all four new series are available for viewing here: http://www.vertigocomics.com/2012/02/08/graphic-connection-vertigo-preview-2012

First Look at Gary Frank’s ACTION COMICS #8 Variant

Written by on Mar 7, 2012
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Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

By Alex Nagorski

Yesterday, we told you about how THE NEW YORK POST had a first look at SHAZAM! in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. Designed and illustrated by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling artist Gary Frank, SHAZAM! will be making his inaugural appearance in the seventh issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Today, we’ve got another exciting piece of Gary Frank art for you to check out. Below, take a first look at Frank’s variant cover for ACTION COMICS #8. The issue, which marks the conclusion of Grant Morrison and Rags Morales’ first story arc in the series, lands in stores on April 4th.

DC Comics Digital Editor Ben Abernathy Talks Digital Comics

Written by on Mar 5, 2012
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Friday, March 2nd, 2012

By Ben Abernathy

If variety really is the spice of life, then the digital division of DC Comics is one spicy pot of gumbo!

As a group, we’re producing and releasing some of the most exciting digital-first content in the entire industry. If you loved BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY and have a hankering for more action, check out our weekly BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED series that expands upon the Arkham world and features a constantly rotating cast of Batman’s most famous rogues and a constant influx of new artists. The Beyond Universe more your speed? No fear–we’re releasing two ongoing series–BATMAN BEYOND and JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND–with a third title, SUPERMAN BEYOND, coming in April. Prefer something less super-hero-y? We have that covered, too–check out BEYOND THE FRINGE, a digital first series exploring the world of the hit Fox Television series, featuring a diverse group of creators as series star Joshua Jackson, Jhonen Vasquez, Becky Cloonan and more.

And this is literally the tip of the iceberg! We also have the highly anticipate SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11 coming in April and more announcements to come–gotta keep adding those spices!



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