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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Rod Reis and Kenneth Rocafort

Written by on May 26, 2013
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Tyler Kirkham’s SCREWED Coming to Stores In June

Written by on May 16, 2013
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Tyler Kirkham’s SCREWED Coming to Stores In June

Zenescope Entertainment has announced that it will be publishing acclaimed artist/creator Tyler Kirkham’s (New Guardians, Teen Titans, and Amazing Spider-Man) new creator-owned series, entitled SCREWED, coming in June and will feature covers by series creator Tyler Kirkham and interior artist David Miller.

“SCREWED fits right into the Zenescope wheelhouse and is a perfect addition to our catalog of titles. The combination of Tyler and Zenescope makes this book a must have.” says Zenescope Marketing Manager Stephen Haberman. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Horror films and I love the idea of Frankenstein.” Says creator Tyler Kirkham “It’s a story that’s been retold a million times but none have been like this! This has horror, action and some flat-out sick, twisted moments! I always thought Zenescope would be a great fit for the story as it has a strong lead female role. I’m extremely excited for this series.”

Screwed follows a young woman who awakens in a hospital covered in scars as if she had been taken apart and put back together again; her mind as fragmented as her body. As she tries to piece together what’s happened to her, she will find many enemies are after her but she’ll also find a valuable ally in FBI Agent Erin Scott.


  • Words: Tyler Kirkham, Keith Thomas
  • Art: David Miller
  • Covers: Tyler Kirkham, David Miller
  • Colors: Oracle
  • Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: June 12, 2013
  • SCREWED is available for pre-order/re-order through Diamond’s April edition of PREVIEWS.


SILENCING THE TRAILER Graphic Novel Arriving This Month

Written by on May 10, 2013
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Via Press Release:

With Silence & Co., the new black and white graphic novel, arriving on store shelves later this month, Crystal Productions has released the full length animatic trailer.

Crystal Productions has also released the final free preview of the book online. Presented as an omnibus 84 page compilation of the three sections released so far, genre fans can now try out the full first half of the book for free, online, with no downloads or special software required. You can find the link on the book’s website at, or a direct, embeddable version is available at

The book has been receiving rave reviews prior to release, currently sitting at a fantastic 9.5 on Greg Hatcher at CBR calls it “enormously compelling… It’s very tough and cool, in much the same action-movie, hard-R tradition as other crime comics like 2 Guns and The Losers”, while Mingqua Nguyen over at WCBR described the book as “Pulp at its finest. A terrific sample of the genre, proving that you can have sex, drugs, and violence in a story and still keep it classy”, and Brett Schenker at Graphic Policy writes “an action movie in graphic novel form.” For these and other reviews, please visit the site at

The story of a young hitman taking on the world’s most powerful criminal bank.

The book is a 176 page, black and white, original graphic novel.
Art is by Ron Randall (Alien, Star Wars, Trekker), letters by Eisner winner John Workman (Thor, Marvel 1985), cover by Eisner winner Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Shooters, Alabaster), and written by Gur Benshemesh (Morgan St. Watch Co.).

The order code for the book is MAR130990 SILENCE & CO GN, and MSRP is only $9.99.

Source Point Press Announces Jack of Spades Comic Book Series

Written by on May 2, 2013
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Source Point Press Announces Jack of Spades Comic Book Series

Via Source Point Press Release:

Source Point Press has announced the release of their brand new comic book series, “Jack of Spades”, to coincide with the Motor City Comic Con on May 17th. This new original comic book series follows Jack Spade as he battles “paranormals”, characters emerging with incredible powers and abilities, in a world on the verge of change.

“When you give man the power of a god, you can’t expect all of them to do the right thing,” says Jack of Spades creator Trico Lutkins. “Businesses and private individuals are willing to pay large sums to protect them against paranormals that their government and law enforcement seem helpless against. That is where our main character comes in…”

Jack of Spades is written by Trico Lutkins and penciled and inked by illustrator Joshua Werner. Lutkins’ writing can be found in a number of new releases from Source Point Press, including the book “Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales”, the short story “Jack of Spades: Lonely Tower Lives” in the anthology “Alter Egos” (which also includes a story written by Joshua Werner), and other titles. Werner’s illustration work is vast, covering a number of genres. He has worked on such characters and licensed properties as Vampirella, John Carter Warlord of Mars, Transformers, Dead World, Night of the Living Dead, Dracula, War of the Worlds, Sherlock Holmes, and others.

“I’m very excited to have this series off the ground,” says writer Trico Lutkins. “Everything has come together perfectly. JoS has the best illustrator and collaborator a guy could ask for, Joshua Werner. And I’m very proud to have JoS as the flagship series for Source Point Press’ comic book line.”

“Jack of Spades has a unique visual style and fresh take on the superhero genre that will excite a lot of readers,” says illustrator Joshua Werner. “It’s definitely going to turn some heads, and it’s the start of something big. I recommend readers jump on this story now so they can watch this incredible story unfold from the beginning.”

Jack of Spades #0, the premier issue of the series, will be available for sale in limited stores and online retailers; those having trouble finding the premier issue are encouraged to visit for purchases and inquiries.

Source Point Press is an independent press that publishes anthologies, novels, chapbooks, comics, and graphic novels. Source Point press has a number of products available or scheduled for release in the near future including the comic series “Serial” and “Source Point Press Presents”, the anthologies “Alter Egos Volume 1” and “Alter Egos Volume 2”, and the books “Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales”, and “Weird Little Kid”.

More information can be found at and Email questions to

Sci-Fi Web Series Dirigible Days Announces Comic Book Sequel

Written by on Apr 25, 2013
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ST. LOUIS, Missouri, April 24, 2013 – Day 304 Productions is developing a comic book sequel to their award-winning steampunk web series Dirigible Days. The sequel, titled Dirigible Days: 998, reunites Captain Santiago Dunbar, mute pilot Josie Devereaux, and comedic engineer Hooper Jefferson as they race across a retro-futuristic Africa in their airship S.S. Beatrix to stop a militaristic empire from completing a weaponized robot colossus.

The cover art for Dirigible Days: 998 will be drawn by two-time Eisner Award winning artist Rick Burchett, best known for his work with DC Comics, Marvel and Disney, including The Batman and Robin Adventures and the steampunk web comicLady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether.  Artist Chris Bailey, creator of the promotional art and introduction animation used in the Dirigible Days web series, will be illustrating the interior artwork.

“Taking the story from a web series to a comic is an exciting challenge,” says Gary Lobstein of Day 304. “I love movies and comics, so it will be a blast to make Dirigible Days in both mediums and show just how expansive this world is.”

Day 304 Productions is running a Kickstarter fundraiser from April 19 until May 31 to produce the comic book. The $7,800 goal is needed to pay for artwork and printing costs. If successful, Dirigible Days: 998 will be released Summer 2014 and will be available for purchase online and at local St. Louis comic book stores. The Dirigible Days web series was also produced with funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Steampunk is a science fiction genre that mixes 19th century fantasy and the Wild West with steam-powered machinery and anachronistic technology.

A breakout entry in the burgeoning steampunk market, Dirigible Days has won multiple film festival awards, and its Facebook page has over 7,600 fans. The five-part science-fiction web series followed the crew of the airship S.S. Beatrix and their fateful encounter with the sadistic leader of the Cult of Cthulhu and featured voice over narration by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO from Star Wars).


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The World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine Spotlights Jesse Negron’s DRAVN In #262

Hitting stores now, fans are in for another themed-issue treat as DRAVN is unleashed for a full-issue saga of inter-related tales where dizzying heights of storytelling mastery cross paths with unadulterated science-fantasy. What if super-powered heroes and villains have always existed, buried somewhere under our mythology and folklore? We’re not talking about capes and tights, we’re talking about the real demi-gods that walked and pounded the Earth!

Created by filmmaker Jesse Negron (AMERICAN FIGHTER PILOT, POP & ME) and written by Negron with our old friend Dave Elliott (ATOMEKA, MONSTER MASSACRE), DRAVN features characters designed exclusively by Hollywood concept artist Keith Thompson (DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, PACIFIC RIM), and brought to life by artists from around the globe, including members of Imaginary Friends Studios and STELLAR Labs, to name a few.

In this epic story, history and legend get a bit twisted with characters as diverse as Camelot knights and Romanian impalers and Nazi stormtroopers all getting connected by greater forces, as super-beings stand revealed as the decision-makers and the rest of humanity left struggling with the pieces of a cosmic gambit more screwy than a primetime news headline.

Said HM pinch-hitting editor Dave Elliott, “I have always felt fiction is escape. Anything that takes you from where you are to someplace else is by definition escape. I think the metaphor is the most effective way of achieving that escape. By creating something that feels familiar and resonates with you it’s easier to believe in and therefore a more immersive experience can be achieved. With DRAVN we’re taking you to places that you’ve heard of and are familiar with and subverting them. Not much different from doing an “Elseworlds” or a “What If” story but with history and myth.”

Featuring an iconic choice of hyper-gorgeous covers by Kow Yokoyama, Kendrick Lim, Rob Prior, and Stanley Lau, the $7.95, king-sized issue is on sale now at finer books and comics shops everywhere, as well as directly from Heavy Metal. DRAVN is set to dive across mediums, across platforms, and it all starts in our pages. We feel like a new dad.

For more info, scope out the official DRAVN website and stalk us at the Heavy Metal site, your home away from hell!

Comics Veterans Launch Monstra: Zombie Destroyer OGN

Written by on Apr 25, 2013
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Comics Veterans Launch Monstra: Zombie Destroyer OGN

Comic industry veteran M. Christopher Thompson and a band of cohorts are launching the first in a number of creator owned titles through Kickstarter. The first title; MONSTRA: ZOMBIE DESTROYER! debuts in April.

MONSTRA: ZOMBIE DESTROYER is a 125 page full color graphic novel printed on the highest quality glossy paper stock utilizing the pinnacle of current printing and production methods.
They will also produce a limited deluxe hardcover of the graphic novel as well as a 11 x 17 sketchbook featuring pencil art from the first issue and concept art.
Multiple packages will be available through Kickstarter including retailer focused bulk copy discount packages as well as fan friendly collector packages relating to the new title.

The story involves a sentient zombie and her slacker boyfriend at the outset of the end of days. The government has contained an initial outbreak of infected undead . A widespread zombie outbreak has been averted through military involvement and the establishment of quarantined areas around the country. Small sub-sections of the human population have been discovered to be immune to the bites to varying degrees. This results in humans with this immunity being highly sought after for military service and biological testing. Monstra is one such human who has a partial resistance causing her to be half zombie half human. She joins a military outfit with her boyfriend which is assigned to eradicate zombies who roam the quarantined areas.

This title will be one of numerous titles which occur in a self-contained new comics universe initiative called UNIVERSE BORN. The writer has been creating these characters for an alternative comprehensive comic book world over twenty years.

The series features the artist Dave Acosta and über-colorist Justin Case!

Join our battle at:

More information:

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