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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents DIRK MANNING’s WRITE OR WRONG– COMING SOON!

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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Scott Allie

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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Mico Suayan

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From the Philippines with Love: An Interview with Red Hood and the Outlaws artist Julius Gopez

Written by on Jun 11, 2013
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Julius Gopez is an artist for DC Comics. He has done work on such titles like Fringe, Gears of War, Ravagers and is now on Red Hood and the Outlaws. He was nice enough to speak with us about his career thus far.

1.) How did you begin working for DC?

I did try to penetrate comics on my own, without an agent, but it turns out to be very hard for me.  Since I am living here in the Philippines, I cannot go to conventions, and an agent got me work at DC. I have lots of samples on every genre just to be sure that i will be getting a shot at any available project DC may have. My agent took my samples, and I got a shot.

2.) What led you to want to join the company as an ongoing artist?

DC is one of the main publishers of comics; any artist would want to join DC. It’s an artist’s dream come true.


A) Did your work on Fringe and Gears of War series allow you to show

them your talent?

What talent? Lol. Talent for me is keeping up with time and style. An artist should be a step ahead of time and style, and I am still learning and still educating myself. I haven’t polished the gift I was given just yet.

B.) Are you a fan of either of those series?

I haven’t read comics for a long time. I read old stuff from DC, but I read comics because i want to study how the artist interpret a story.

3.) Tell me about how you found yourself working on Ravagers?

I was excited because I got to draw Superboy and Fairchild. I wish I could draw them again and again.

4.) What attracted you to those characters?

First, they are famous. I mean it’s a level up status for an artist to drawfamous characters. It is a finer moment for me to draw comics but it’s my finest moment to draw well- known characters. I’ve been drawing these characters since I was a boy, and when it came to me drawing these characters, I felt I was back in the old days when I got to lay on the floor just me and my pencils doing my own story in my head. While drawing them, I used to make my own sound effects. I am very happy with my time drawing them.

5.) Who was your favorite to draw?

Of course, Superboy.

6.) Explain how you, Tom DeFalco and Howard Mackie worked together?

They just sent me the script, and the script was so precise and descriptive that there was no need for any further explanations.

7.) Tell me how you ended up on Red Hood.

I guess some of my earlier work put me where I am now.

9.) Did James Tynion IV have any input in bringing you on board?

I guess somebody else has the authority to put people on teams together.

10.) What attracted you to the project?

Again, they are famous characters. Red Hood is making me a bit famous too. Lol. As I read along the story, the characters seem to become more and more real after each issue.

11.) Explain your collaborative process with James……

He is very good at describing scenes. He doesn’t need to explain because it is already very clear in the script.

12.) What do you hope to bring to the book? Are you staying on the for

the long haul?

I am hoping that is the case. I am still hoping that I can bring something to the series. I am still trying to find out what can i contribute with the characters and the story on an artist point of view. I hope I will be drawing Red Hood for a long time.

 13.) Can you explain what exactly will happen to Jason?

 He seemed to have had his mind completely wiped clean! That cannot be!  I do not think I am at liberty to reveal anything. Sorry.

 14.) What other projects do you have coming up? Any new DC work?

 I am not hearing anything about projects after Red Hood. So, keep your fingers crossed!


Tommy Zimmer is an upcoming writer of short stories, comic books, journalism/media reviews, screenplays, and anything related to writing. On, you can view his latest work, and see what exciting things he is currently doing!!


Creative Continuity in assocation with Bestow Productions presents Len Wein

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Creative Continuity in association with Bestow Productions presents Rod Reis and Kenneth Rocafort

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