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Wednesday’s Webcomic: Steve Rogers’ American Captain

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Wednesday’s Webcomic: Steve Rogers’ American Captain

Thanks to the most recent installment of Thor, I have the Marvel films on the brain. Since I know  we’ll all be waiting anxiously now for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I am sharing the excellent Steve Rogers’ American Captain to help scratch that itch. Steve Rogers’ American Captain takes place between the end of The Avengers and the upcoming film. As Steve tries to work out his confusion with the new world around him and grief for his friends from the 40′s, he begins to sketch himself interacting with others, all the confusing things that happen throughout the day, and his thought process as he wrestles with the PTSD that comes from going to war, being trapped in ice for 60 years, and being resuscitated and then save the world from an alien invasion. Cameos from his colleagues in the Avengers as they work, hang out and try to relate to him or help work  out his problems are frequent and often hilarious and touching.

A lot of the praise for …continued on GonnaGeek

America Library

I hope book libraries never change, especially not the smell. Podcast – #020 – The Future of Star Trek, Star Wars and Bat Suits

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As we always say, Geeks are Gonna Geek. When this week’s news point about the future Bat-Suit somehow leads into a discussion about Star Wars, we toss this week’s agenda to the sidelines and just chat about the future of the Star Wars and Star Trek. From debating whether Star Trek was dead prior to 2009 to arguing about if Harrison Ford can still hold the Han Solo role, this show we’re sure to make you yell at your iPod.

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