Windsor Signing- Catching Up with the mind behind the Justice League of America, artist David Finch

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David Finch is an artist currently with DC Comics. He is a Windsor native, and the current artist on Justice League of America. He currently just finished his run on Batman: The Dark Knight and has completed a few covers for the new series Katana. Mr. Finch was nice enough to speak with us again since we last saw at Detroit FanFare.

TZ: What are you doing now? Katana covers, right?

DF: I was doing them but Justice League of America’s really taken over my life.

TZ: How difficult is it doing all the inking now? Last time I spoke, you have taken over all the duties….

DF: It’s actually a lot more gratifying, and it’s nice to see the finished product from start to finish. I have worked with some great inkers but it’s nice to have it just be my own work.

TZ: What can you talk about coming up?

DF: They are all going to fight, and that’s comin’; all mayhem and destruction.

TZ: Is that going to play into “Trinity War”?

DF: I think it’s no real secret JLA is really designed with Justice League in mind. I don’t think revealing too much to say something’s going to come out of the match-ups between the rosters in the first issue. I don’t even know what’s coming up….

TZ: Geoff keeps a tight lid on things…?

DF: Yah. But frankly, I don’t want to know what’s coming up. I want to know where we are now, and be where the characters are. A year out, it takes me out of an event.

TZ: What’s your favorite character to draw? Is it still Green Arrow?

DF: Right now, it’s Martian Manhunter. It may change again.

TZ: You tend to reveal a lot of the physicality with Simon Baz and the Manhunter… was that intentional? I know you do that in a lot of your work….

DF: Yah. I mean, these characters are supposed to be opposing, and they are larger than life but not regular people. I want to get that across every time I introduce a character. The more room I can get to do that big splash page, I am happy.

TZ: What else are you doing right now?

DF: I am honestly doing nothing more right now.


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