Comic Book News - Stock*Pile Comics Launches New Title “Broken Legacy”

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Stock*Pile Comics Launches New Title

Stock*Pile Comics is proud to announce the launch of the the new comic “Broken Legacy” by writer Rian Miller and artist Jesse Munoz.

 Broken Legacy is a fantasy/action comic book series which tells the story of brothers Tobias and Gabriel. At a young age they find themselves thrust into an unforgiving world and forced to forfeit a normal childhood. Relying on one another to survive, a strong bond formed between the two who have grown up and devoted their lives to helping others escape a fate similar to their own.
A new threat emerges when a group of undesirables led by a man called Malacan attempt to abduct a young boy from a village under Toby and Gabe’s protection. What the brothers do not yet know is what Malacan wants with the child and what that will mean to the fate of their home and their people. High-flying action, treacherous deceit, the exploration of a magical world, and tremendous heartbreak lie ahead for our heroes, as well as a secret about their past which will make all the difference in deciding the course of their future.
Broken Legacy #1 marks the beginning of the first arc in the unfolding saga of Tobias and Gabriel. Underlying the otherworldly creatures, heart-pounding adventure, and sense of wonder of Broken Legacy is a story about doing what’s right in the face of adversity and the importance of having someone to trust in and rely on. A story that, despite it’s fantastic nature, anyone can relate to.
Broken Legacy was funded by backer donations on
Broken Legacy #1 is available digitally April 3, 2013 at and will premiere in print at Boston Comic Con, April 20 – 21, 2013.
Stock*Pile Comics is an independent comic imprint formed by former Kubert School classmates, Jesse Munoz, Rian Miller, Joel Lolar, and Jacob Rhodes. Stock*Pile comics has published two previous comics, Forever Winter and Man-Gull.
Written by RIAN MILLER
Art & Cover by JESSE MUNOZ


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  1. nothing


    04-08-2013 4:54 pm

    You can preview Broken Legacy #1 here at @fanboybuzz! Pretty cool! #brokenlegacy


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