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Windsor Signing- Catching Up with the mind behind the Justice League of America, artist David Finch

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David Finch is an artist currently with DC Comics. He is a Windsor native, and the current artist on Justice League of America. He currently just finished his run on Batman: The Dark Knight and has completed a few covers for the new series Katana. Mr. Finch was nice enough to speak with us again since we last saw at Detroit FanFare.

TZ: What are you doing now? Katana covers, right?

DF: I was doing them but Justice League of America’s really taken over my life.

TZ: How difficult is it doing all the inking now? Last time I spoke, you have taken over all the duties….

DF: It’s actually a lot more gratifying, and it’s nice to see the finished product from start to finish. I have worked with some great inkers but it’s nice to have it just be my own work.

TZ: What can you talk about coming up?

DF: They are all going to fight, and that’s comin’; all mayhem and destruction.

TZ: Is that going to play into “Trinity War”?

DF: I think it’s no real secret JLA is really designed with Justice League in mind. I don’t think revealing too much to say something’s going to come out of the match-ups between the rosters in the first issue. I don’t even know what’s coming up….

TZ: Geoff keeps a tight lid on things…?

DF: Yah. But frankly, I don’t want to know what’s coming up. I want to know where we are now, and be where the characters are. A year out, it takes me out of an event.

TZ: What’s your favorite character to draw? Is it still Green Arrow?

DF: Right now, it’s Martian Manhunter. It may change again.

TZ: You tend to reveal a lot of the physicality with Simon Baz and the Manhunter… was that intentional? I know you do that in a lot of your work….

DF: Yah. I mean, these characters are supposed to be opposing, and they are larger than life but not regular people. I want to get that across every time I introduce a character. The more room I can get to do that big splash page, I am happy.

TZ: What else are you doing right now?

DF: I am honestly doing nothing more right now.


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Windsor signing- Interview with Green Arrow, Animal Man and Justice League Dark writer Jeff Lemire

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Jeff Lemire is the current writer behind Green Arrow, Animal Man and Justice League Dark. He recently finished a crossover with Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing entitled “Rot World” and finished a major storyline in Justice League Dark. He is about to begin co-writing with Geoff Johns a few issues of Justice League of America. Mr. Lemire was nice enough to speak with us.

TZ: How did you get into comics?

JL: I started self-publishing my own stuff I wrote. I went to Kinko’s, and stapled it together to shop it around. Then, I got a publishing grant in 2005 from the Zurich Foundation for my first graphic novel. From there, I submitted some stuff to Top Shelf.

TZ: What work at Top Shelf do you think really got you noticed?

JL: I did The Essex County Trilogy of graphic novels. There were some editors at DC and Vertigo that really liked that book.

TZ: Who did you pitch to at DC?

JL: I pitched to Bob Schreck, and then I ended up getting Sweet Tooth. That all kind of led me to doing more DC Universe stuff. Those were all sorts of gradual steps over almost ten years.

TZ: What do you prefer doing more: writing or drawing?

JL: I love drawing my own stuff. I love the complete control that comes with it. But, I love working with artists because I love the collaborative aspect of writing with other artists.

TZ: How did you get into Animal Man?

JL: DC came to me with a few options. I loved the Grant Morrison stuff, and I had a lot of affinity for the character. They liked my vision for the character.

TZ: How did you decide what to change in the mythos?

JL: You always try to keep what you love from the old stuff but also try to make it accessible to new reader. So, it is a balancing act.

TZ: What was it like working with Travel Forman?

JL: I think he’s a genius. He brought a lot to it, and he really helped establish the tone of that book.

TZ: What made you leave Frankenstein?

JL: It was Justice League Dark being offered to me, and there were so many of my favorite characters that I couldn’t say no. I also knew I could also eventually work Frankenstein in so I could kind of get the best of both worlds.

TZ: How is it working with Mikal Janin?

JL: He’s such a great guy, and I think he’s a really wonderful artist.

TZ: Have you guys ever met one another?

JL: We met for the first time back in Atlanta because he’s in Spain.

TZ: What stuff do you have coming up for Justice League Dark?

JL: We have a big storyline coming up I am working on with Geoff Johns.

TZ: Are you taking over co-writing Justice League?

JL: We are doing a story together.

TZ: So, it’s a crossover?

JL: It will be… yah.

TZ: Is that involved in Trinity War?

JL: Definitely. They will probably announce it soon.

TZ: What do you have coming up in Animal Man?

JL: We finished the big “Rot” storyline. So, what I am really trying to do is move the book away from Swamp Thing, and do stories really specific to Animal Man again. I am really focusing on Buddy Baker’s celebrity now.

TZ: What made you want to take on Constantine?

JL: He’s been one of my favorite characters that kept me reading comics since I was a kid, and when I was offered it, I couldn’t say no.

TZ: Did editorial approach you for it because I know Robert Vendetti was originally on it…?

JL: Rob’s a good friend of mine but they announced he was doing Green Lantern. So, he had to make a decision, and I had already been doing the character on Justice League Dark. So, it seemed like a natural thing but I am only like co-plotting the first five issues of Constantine. I am not heavily involved in it. It’s more Ray’s book.

TZ: What do you have coming up?

JL: Green Arrow obviously, and I have a new Vertigo book called Thrillium I am writing and drawing. It’s a sci-fi love story.

TZ: What’s coming up for Ollie?

JL: The Komodo storyline is our first arc, and then we get to reinvent a classic Green Arrow villain which I am really excited about.

TZ: Could it be Count Vertigo?

JL: Perhaps.


Tommy Zimmer is an upcoming writer of short stories, comic books, journalism/media reviews, screenplays, and anything related to writing. On, you can view his latest work, and see what exciting things he is currently doing!!

#169 – Fanboy Buzz – All Good Things…

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As the title indicates, all good things must come to an end. We wrap up the Fanboy Buzz podcast once and for all with a special farewell episode. We discuss a variety of news points and then we look back at some of the highs (and lows) of 168 episodes of the Fanboy Buzz. From all of us here we thank you for your support over the years and bid you bid you adieu.

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