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Batgirl #19 Review

Written by on Apr 13, 2013
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Batgirl #19

Rating: 5/5
Publisher Name: DC Comics
Publisher Website:

Writer: Gail Simone
Pencils: Daniel Sampere
Inks: Vicente Cifuentes
Number of Pages: 32
Price: 2.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Will a battle of sibling rivalry lead to a death in the family?

Reviewer’s Comments:
The final showdown between brother and sister finally arrives in this new issue and secrets are revealed and a father and daughter’s trust is betrayed in this new issue.

Before Barbara goes to fight her brother for the final time, she and her roommate Alysia sit down and have a conversation about the past few months and each woman reveals a secret to the other.

Barbara tells Alysia about the Joker shooting her, the wheelchair, and her recovery to walk again. Then Alysia reveals her secret which has made big waves through out comic book fandom this week.

With her roommate warned about James, Barbara moves on to save her family…from her own brother. Little does she know that James has a surprise of his own in store for Barbara. Without giving it away, the final showdown between siblings happens on a rainy night on a Gotham bridge. One sibling won and the other lost…or did they?

I’m excited to see Gail Simone back writing Gotham’s heoric redhead who wears a cape and cowl. I loved the scripting of this issue, the plot is excellent and the conclusion to this story arc ends with a bang.

The artwork continues to be subperb with the stunning action scenes and the character interactions.

Batgirl has been a favorite of mine since the new 52 began and this issue is why series continues to be. I’m looking forward to what’s in store for Batgirl in the future.


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Chillers, the graphic novel horror anthology based on the critically acclaimed movie from Troma Films, has a second volume of all new spine tingling tales set for national release April 17. The graphic novel series is edited by the film’s writer and director, Daniel Boyd, who also contributes some of the stories in the stand alone volumes released by Transfuzion Publishing.

The first volume of Chillers released last year was nominated for Best of the Year in both the Shel Dorf and Ghastly Awards and tabbed as the Best Anthology of 2012  by noted horror blogsite, Decapitated Dan. The debut book in the series also gained considerable praise with Ted Brown, reviewer for Comics Forge labeling it as “easily this is my favorite horror comic release of the year so far and will be very hard to dethrone maybe even impossible…”

The graphic novel continued in the tradition of the 1988 cult classic film Chillers from Troma Films,  written and directed by Boyd, an assistant professor of media studies at West Virginia State University.  “Our formula is simple: frighten and enlighten. Like Rod Serling taught us, beginning 53 years ago with The Twilight Zone, the best stories of the fantastic are those that say something,” he said. And after making more than 30 films in his career, telling stories in the graphic novel medium has been an exciting new experience for Boyd who describes the Chillers anthologies as a cross between the classic EC Comics and the powerful elements conveyed by  Serling in hisTwilight Zone tales.

“With the graphic novels of Chillers,  there is more of an immediate impact that has much more control,” Boyd said. “It allows all of the creators involved to frighten and entertain with unique stories linked by a common narrator.”   In addition to Boyd, the second installment ofChillers features several other accomplished horror writers, along with some of the bests artists from around the world.

Gary Reed, publisher of Transfuzion, said this second volume is not just a follow up to the first book, but rather just the next in the series.  “Each Chillers volume stands on its own, that’s one of the appealing aspects of anthologies,” he said.  “I think with the momentum of Troma re-releasing the Chillers film and the tribute album from the Buddy Black Band, Chillers is primed to continue its dark and twisted tales.”

In addition to Boyd, writers for the anthology include Robert Tinnell, Gary Reed, William Bitner, and more with art contributions from Andrew Dimmitt, Juan Romero, Ger Curti, Wayne Reid, S.R. Ayers,  and others.  Chillers Book 2 is available through the publisher, Tranfuzion (,, and other national and regional outlets.


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