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Kickstarter project: Hyper Heroes

Teenage life, school typecasting, bully attacks, unrequited love… and hyperpowers. Or at least some of the above.

Hyper Heroes is a light-hearted, all-ages (but thoughtful) superhero comic, with teen hijinks, good-natured comedy and the occasional superhero fight. You can read it here! Oh, and it’s a Kickstarter project too – which means you can help support it financially and, in exchange, become a hyperhero yourself. That is, if the project succeeds.


According to the project’s Kickstarter page, the Hyper Heroes comic started “…as a school hobby, where it gathered a huge cult following of about 9 people… But hey, they were the story’s protagonists. Because that’s the point of hyper heroes: the reader is the protagonist! And we don’t mean it in a “characters the kids can identify with” way. We’re literally saying our readers are the characters. As in, we take your (or your kid’s or your loved ones’) face and mannerisms and put them in a comic book hero, and we give the character skills and special powers based on your real-life strengths and qualities. And yes, that character then has a starring role in a superhero story.”


So, this comic lets its readers have an actual role in the story as a superhero. And if there’s an ongoing Kickstarter project, then you’re still on time to join. Yes, this means you can go over there and ask for your own hyperhero right now.

We all know mainstream superhero comics have very little space for new names; but the indie comics market isn’t crazy about non-satiric superhero stories either. This means even getting Hyper Heroes to where it is now has been a challenge from day one. However, this hasn’t stopped them from getting there… and they’re still going at it.

Their next step is to make the Hyper Heroes Kickstarter project into a reality. And there’s where you can help. Simply visit the project and, if you like it, back it. And become a comic book hero!



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