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Deadpool Killustrated #1

Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Pencils: Mateo Lolli
Inks: Sean Parsons
Colors: Veronica Gandini
Number of Pages: 22
Price: 2.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY – 15 years and older. Similar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Deadpool has already killed every hero in the Marvel Universe. He isn’t through. This time… Deadpool’s gonna take down the most famous characters in classic literature!

Reviewer’s Comments:

The Merc with the Mouth may have killed the Marvel universe but his mission is far from over. Deadpool Killustrated features the continuing misadventures of the alternate reality Deadpool that began a one man war on creation itself. Now he has his eye set on the metaverse and the greatest characters of classic fiction are on the top of his hitlist. How can these classic characters hope to survive?

Picking up where the previous mini-series left off we find that this penultimate homicidal version of Wade Wilson has been on a multiversal killing spree. He has bested countless versions of Marvel’s greatest heroes, villains and even himself but found no resolution to his compulsion to free everyone from the cycle of existence and suffering. However the Mad Thinker and a cadre of evil scientists have pointed him towards a new target one that could unravel existence itself if he succeeds.

This issue builds up on the previous series well and propels Deadpool forward toward new worlds and interesting opponents. You have to wonder whether any of them will be able to stop such an efficient killer. Personally i’m wondering how much longer Marvel can drag this concept out for. As we all know Marvel Zombies ended up beating a dead horse for far too long and had way too many spin offs. It feels like this series could end up going the same route. As much as I love Deadpool as a character I think it might be best to dial back on using him for a while.


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Deadpool Killustrated #1   
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