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Chris Ferrell (ATGNPodcast.com) joins us during our first episode of 2013 where we set out to make it the year of quality… that doesn’t last long. We discuss Marvel Unlimited coming to the iPad, the announcement that Marvel will be getting Star Wars and we discuss how someone is trying to make money off the Batmobile. In Issue to Issue we review Amazing Spider-Man #700, Youngblood #75 and Justice League #15. During Nerd Rage we put Magneto against Darth Vader and then JS gives his weekly fashion advice in Cocky Cosplay. Finally, we wrap up the show with your Fanboy Feedback. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us a voicemail or tweet @fanboybuzz.com!

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Show Note 1: Cocky Cosplay this week.


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4 Responses to “#150 – Fanboy Buzz – 2013, The Year of Quality… HAHAHAHA”

  1. nothing

    Chris Ferrell (@RoundTableNerds):

    01-11-2013 7:27 am

    Sorry Buzz fans, I’m back RT @fanboybuzz: #150 – Fanboy Buzz – 2013, The Year of Quality… HAHAHAHA http://t.co/sIfVX6GP #ComicBook #News


  2. nothing

    ATGN Podcast (@ATGNPodcast):

    01-11-2013 10:42 am

    Check out this weeks @fanboybuzz podcast as @RoundTableNerds is back as a guest host. http://t.co/8WRZmSHh #MakePod


  3. nothing


    01-14-2013 8:15 pm

    Deadpool and Cable were created by Rob Liefeld…so did he really rip them off from marvel?


  4. nothing


    01-14-2013 8:19 pm

    Old lessons not learned from their Image Days – overpowered groups burn out interest in the readers very quickly. Five years burned down Image.
    Shock and awe will have to settle down to show some longevity for the new DC.


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