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A very merry Christmas to you and yours.

We just wanted to take a moment during this holiday season to thank you for all the interest you’ve shown, and all the support you’ve given Heroic Publishing’s line of superhero comic books during this past year.

And with 2013 almost upon us, this seems like a good time to fill you in on what our publishing plans are for the coming year. Because money is so tight, there’s no way to be sure just how much of this we’ll actually be able to accomplish, but beginning this summer we are going to try our best to bump our schedule up from two issue each month to four. And if we can do that, here’s what we have in mind for our various ongoing comic book titles.

And if you’d like to know more about any of these great upcoming comics, just visit our Previews page at


Our flagship superhero title is penciled in as a bimonthly, which means we have six issues on the drawing boards for 2013. And, as a bonus, we’re looking to add a Champions Annual this summer.

Champions #59 will be available in February

Champions #60 is scheduled for April.

Champions #61 is scheduled for June.

Champions Annual #3 is scheduled for July.

Champions #62 is scheduled for August.

Champions #63 is scheduled for October.

Champions #64 is scheduled for December.


This companion title to CHAMPIONS isn’t just a reprint comic. In addition to classic adventures starring Flare and the League of Champions, we’re mixing in new material with the old. We’re in the process of getting seven issues ready to go in 2013.

Champions Adventures #7 will be available in Feburary.

Champions Adventures #8 is scheduled for April.

Champions Adventures #9 is scheduled for May.

Champions Adventures #10 is scheduled for July.

Champions Adventures #11 is scheduled for August.

Champions Adventures #12 is scheduled for October

Champions Adventures #13 is scheduled for November.


Comics’ shining goddess of light is scheduled to return to our own bimonthly magazine in the summer of 2013. Two of her classic artists, Mark Propst and Gordon Purcell, are already working on new story material. But this is still very tentative. We just don’t want to commit to that bimonthly schedule until we know for certain that we’ll be able to sustain it. In any event, in the latter half of the year, look for these issues, and possibly a new Flare Annual.

Flare #41 is scheduled for July.

Flare Annual #4 is scheduled for August.

Flare #42 is scheduled for September

Flare #43 is scheduled for November.


If all goes well, the first nine-issue Infinites story arc will wrap up in 2013, with story by David Thomas and some fabulous artwork by Francesco Gerbino and John Anderson.

Infinites #6 is scheduled for March.

Infinites #7 is scheduled for June.

Infinites #8 is scheduled for September.

Infinites #9 is scheduled for December.


New issues of the League of Champions resume in spring with a brand-new artist. We’re starting with a quarterly schedule in order to be sure he has time enough to get each issue ready.

League of Champions #15 is scheduled for May.

League of Champions #16 is scheduled for August.

League of Champions #17 is scheduled for November.


The Liberty Girl is on tap to return in 2013, just in time for the 4th of July. And we’re hoping this time around to be able to sustain a regular quarterly schedule.

Liberty Girl #5 is scheduled for June.

Liberty Girl #6 is scheduled for September.

Liberty Girl #7 is scheduled for December.


America’s foremost Hispanic heroine, Daerick Gross’s Murcielaga She-Bat, will be back with four issues in 2013.

Murcielaga She-Bat #14 is scheduled for March.

Murcielaga She-Bat #15 is scheduled for June.

Murcielaga She-Bat #16 is scheduled for September.

Murcielaga She-Bat #17 is scheduled for December.


The G-Girl’s solo title is probably the iffiest book on our schedule. Because we love America’s newest superhero sweetheart, Billi Jayne Jensen, and didn’t want you to have to wait any longer to meet her, we are featuring several sensational G-Girl adventures in the pages of Champions. But the big one on the drawing boards is Sensational G-Girl #1, which we’ll get to you as soon as Mark Beachum has it ready. But don’t plan on seeing it until possibly as late as October.


Also in a holding pattern is the long-awaited “Return of Lady Arcane” story arc. The way things stand now, we’re not going to be able to launch that eight-part adventure until early 2014. But we are going to try to get two issues of WitchGirls Inc into print during 2013.

WitchGirls Inc #11 is scheduled for July.

WitchGirls Inc #12 is scheduled for October.


And yes, come November, in the pages of Adventures of Chrissie Claus #6, the secret origin of Santa’s li’l elfin granddaughter will at last be revealed.


Three new collections of classic adventures from Heroic Publishing are on the schedule, with more to follow later in the year.

Flare: Dark Justice will be available in January, featuring her adventures from FLARE #28-35.

Lady Arcane: The Magic Is Alive is scheduled for March, featuring our mistress of magic’s earliest solo adventures.

Eternity Smith: Book 1 is scheduled for May, featuring the original six-issue Eternity Smith story arc.


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