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David Finch is a comic book writer/artist best known recently for his work on DC Comics’ Batman: The Dark Knight. In January, Finch will leave the book to join Geoff Johns on Justice League of America. When Finch was in Detroit for the annual FanFare convention, he was nice enough to speak to us about his comics career.

TZ: What drew you to work on Justice League of America?

DF: It was a chance to work with Geoff. It was just the opportunity.

TZ: How did you get into illustrating?

DF: I did actually know I liked to draw. I was a high school dropout. Art seemed like the way to go. I didn’t know whether or not I was good.

TZ: How did you learn how to draw?

DF: I went to the library, and pick up lots of work. I got feedback from artists in Detroit, and was pretty obsessive. I sent stuff, and got multiple rejections. I then ran into people like Marc Silvestri.

TZ: What were your first major projects?

DF: I did CyberForce and a crossover with Joe Qaesada. I talked to him about Marvel. It’s a small business.

TZ: Why did you want to move to DC?

DF: I never wanted to leave Marvel but I always wanted to do Batman. Marvel’s like family but I hit a point where it was time. I went to DC, and they are like family now.

TZ: What is your work process?

DF: I work at home wake up, get up and work on the computer entirely. I send a .jpeg preview, and then am finished. They then go to colors. Working on the computer made me have more control; it’s nice to have that control.

TZ: How did Jason Fabok hook up with you? I interviewed him in October, and he said you were his mentor…..

DF: Jason emailed me with samples, and he’s fairly local. I had him at the house, and started working with him. He learned very quickly as it was only a few months. He wanted to work with Aspen, and his first DC issue was Superman/Batman. They were happy, and he did a couple issues of Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman Annual and now Detective Comics.

TZ: What interested you in taking on Batman?

DF: I naturally gravitate to darker characters. Gotham. Batman’s suit. It’s all dark; he’s very interesting. It all comes from his builds and guts.

TZ: What made you change to Justice League of America?

DF: I had done Batman for a while, did single character stories and moved to bigger ones.

TZ: Was it the multiple character scenarios?

DF: Multiple characters make it more difficult to showcase each character.

TZ: Who’s your favorite that you have been drawing?

DF: Green Arrow. He’s a real guy, and I like his whole demeanor.

TZ: Can you give fans any previews of what’s to come in the book?

DF: It will have a big story impact. I want it to be iconic and over the top. The script is coming from a pretty honest place. It’s important to make sure they’re real and honest.

TZ: What else are you working on?

DF: I am doing the covers for JLA and Katana. I am also doing covers for an unannounced project.

Thanks Mr. Finch!


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