Comic Book News - Ethan Van Sciver teams up with the Fanboy Buzz!

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Ethan Van Sciver teams up with the Fanboy Buzz!Photo by Luigi Novi.

13 November 2012 – DC Comics superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver has announced that he is joining the comic book podcast, the Fanboy Buzz as a host on a permanent basis.

The artist, who is well known in the comic book industry for his work on Green Lantern, The Flash and recently began drawing Batman: The Dark Knight, joins veteran Fanboy Buzz hosts Stephen Jondrew, Scott Williams, Jean Sebastian and Steve Boyd in a weekly look at the comic book world, starting with episode 142 of the show.

Ethan made the announcement late Saturday night on his Facebook page saying, “Dude, I’m becoming a podcast host starting on Monday on Fanboy Buzz” and asked his fans to call into the show to ask any questions they had of him.

His addition to the podcast was confirmed when fans and listeners of the show listened live to the episode as it recorded Monday night on the Fanboy Buzz website.

His debut as a host and permanent fixture on the show is scheduled to be published to the Fanboy Buzz website on Friday, November 16th. Fans can also listen to the show via iTunes, Stitcher and the Android market app, DoggCatcher.


Comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver at the Big Apple Convention in Manhattan, October 2, 2010. Photo by Luigi Novi.   
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    Fanboy Buzz – Comic Book News – Ethan Van Sciver teams up with the Fanboy Buzz! (Project Fanboy)


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