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All New X-Men #1
Rating: 4/5
Publisher Name: Marvel Comics
Publisher Website:
Writers: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Colorist: Marte Gracia
Number of Pages: 20
Price: 3.99
Safety Content Label: Teen


Publisher’s Blurb:

Marvel Now! The five original X-Men have been plucked from yesteryear and sent to the present. How will they deal with the current state of Xavier’s dream, and how will today’s X-Men cope with facing their former selves?

Reviewer’s Comments:

I grew up a Marvel Comics fanboy. Part of my fascination with the 616 Universe is tied to how my Pops would bash the DC comics from his day. However, despite whatever funny quip would come from Pops, like say, on the subject of Superman’s lame rogue’s gallery, the thing that truly separated DC from Marvel for me: mutants. What can I say, I’m an X-Men junky. When it comes to Marvel’s merry mutants my knowledge is vast. Although Spider-Man and Batman are personal favorites, it’s what made the X-Men ‘different’ that attracted me. The X-Men didn’t received their super human abilities through scientific accidents, alien heritage, or cosmic intervention. Mutants are born not made.

Well, that was the case when mutants were born in the Marvel Universe.

Since House of M, there’s been only a handful of new mutant births. Although I have to admit, I was excited when Wanda uttered the words: “No more mutants.” The decimation of the mutant populace lead to subsequent years of a mere 197 mutants staving off extinction. Yet, fallout from Avengers vs. X-Men, has cleansed the palette of the Marvel Universe and once again springs with the possibility of new mutants.

And in fiction, much like life, past is prologue.

With the inaugural issue of All New X-Men, not only is the appearance of new mutants and X-Men in the cards, but so are older (although younger) versions of X-Men as well. Although this issue is advertised as smashing the original five X-Men–Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and (useless) Angel—into the present, this story is just as much about the current state of the X-Men. One character that has evolved since Wanda’s magic three words is Cyclops.

Where once I thought of him as a dick who led but wasn’t much of a leader, in the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men (and AvX: Consequences) he’s in an intriguing place as a character, that of mutant revolutionary. With the current state of the X-Men, and how the original five X-Men are brought into the story, Bendis and Immonen are laying the groundwork for what could become an epic X-Men tale on par with those stories of my youth.

Although I’m not a huge fan of time travel stories X-Men or otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised by this comic. There are quite a few moving parts within this issue, from what will be the reaction of the original five when they step foot into their future, to the fate of present-day Beast as he deals with physical change, there’s enough within these pages to keep readers salivating at the month as they wait for the second issue. It’s early in the comic’s shelf life, but Bendis and Immonen All New X-Men is a book that definitely has the attention of both adult and prepubescence fanboy me.   


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All New X-Men #1   
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