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Masks #1 Review

Written by on Nov 28, 2012
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Masks #1

Rating: 4/5
Publisher Name: Dynamite Entertainment
Publisher Website:

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Alex Ross
Number of Pages: 32
Price: 3.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
It’s 1938, and the Justice Party has swept into office in New York State. But the newly-elected officials are in the control of powerful criminals, who quickly corrupt the law to their own advantage. When a fascist police state is instituted, the only ones who stand in defense of the innocent are masked vigilantes like the Shadow, the Green Hornet, Kato, and the Spider. When the law is unjust, justice must be an outlaw…

Reviewer’s Comments:
First of all, let’s talk about what is obviously the biggest deal about this issue: Interior artwork by Alex emmeffin Ross! This man holds the perma-number-one-spot for me in terms of realistic comic artists. I love you Mr. Ross.

Masks is a comic that follows, for my money, the ultimate team up for fans of old comics about tough guys. Guys who prefer to shoot guns and throw hands than to rely on powers handed down to them by means of this alien race, or that alien rock/jewel, or, most often, radiation.

Before we get into the story, let’s take a look at the team so far: At the start we have The Green Hornet and Kato, who seem like they’re walking the line between their classic roots and the movie from a a little while back(which I loved). son after they get a visit from the enigmatic Shadow. And then just before the story closes, the three I just named get a visit from a man who goes by the name of Spider.
That’s where the team stands by the end of issue one, but there are hints of new members joining up. One in particular who should make a lot of fans happy. I’ll give you a hint: “Z”(That’s not a two). Some of you youngens might not have too much knowledge about some of these guys, I admit to knowing a couple of names dropped because I had a grandpa who was into comics. Still, even if you haven’t read some of these guys, even all of them, the legacy of each is enough to warrant excitement in anyone who fancies themselves funny-book fans.

The story is pretty straightforward(so far). A new political branch, The Justice Party(sidebar, can you honestly say you wouldn’t vote for them? Awesome name), comes in and takes over very quickly. But, as it would turn out, the Justice party is ran by notorious baddies. Now, the men and women who are supposed to uphold the law are corrupting it while using it at a shield. The question begged is this: Where does the law end, and justice begin. Are they one in the same? Personally, I have to agree with the quote that closes the issue, and which is in the blurb so I don’t feel like I’m spoiling anything: “When the law is unjust, justice must be an outlaw.”

The bottom line(’cause Stonecold said so): This issue was a little slow, but it was written amazingly, is about the characters that I already mentioned, and the art was done by ALEX ROSS!! Even if the story sucked(Which it didn’t) the art alone makes it worth the read. My hopes are high for the issues to come, Masks squad!
Check out this comic pulp/noir fans. It’s a good’un.


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VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT AND RITTENHOUSE ARCHIVES JOIN FORCES Newly Re-Launched Comic Book Company Strikes Trading Card Licensing Deal

New York, NY (November 28, 2012) – Valiant Entertainment has teamed up with long-established collectibles company Rittenhouse Archives to create trading card series and collectors’ albums for the Valiant Universe, which includes beloved comic book characters X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Shadowman, Harbinger, Rai, H.A.R.D. Corps, Archer & Armstrong, Ninjak, and Armorines. The cards and albums are planned to launch in the US and Canada, at Comic Con San Diego, in 2013.

“All of us at Rittenhouse are extremely excited to add Valiant Comics to our distinguished list of evergreen properties,” said Rittenhouse President Steve Charendoff. “Valiant has rapidly returned to its rightful place among the top publishers of comics today, and, in a world that increasingly craves quality super-hero stories and characters in all forms of media, its future prospects couldn’t be brighter.”

Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. is a leading producer of science fiction, fantasy and comic book trading cards. Rittenhouse currently produces trading cards for James Bond, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Spartacus, Falling Skies, Warehouse 13 and other top properties.

“We are proud to partner with Rittenhouse Archive as one of the leaders in this category,” said Valiant Entertainment CEO Jason Kothari. “The creative force applied to Valiant’s fan favorite comic books is being combined with Rittenhouse’s complementary talents to develop and implement state of the art cards and collectibles – together, we have already identified concepts not yet seen that will be truly exciting for Valiant fans and help bring in a host of new fans.”

Valiant previously released four hugely successful trading card series in the 1990’s including three with Upper Deck and one with Comic Images. The deal launches a three-year commitment between the companies.

Valiant Entertainment is one of the leading comic character-based entertainment companies in the world that owns and controls a library of 1,500 characters. Since their creation in 1989, Valiant characters have sold 80 million comic books, been the basis of a number of video game franchises and a slate of major motion pictures are in development. In 2012, Valiant relaunched print and digital comic books based on a number of its most popular properties, such as X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, Archer & Armstrong and Shadowman. These new issues garnered rave reviews and are consistently the best-selling independent comic book titles in the industry.

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