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The Stereotypical Freaks

Rating: 5/5
Publisher Name: Animal Media Group
Writer: Howard Shapiro
Pencils: Joe Pekar
Number of Pages: 140
Price: 11.95
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Four disparate high school seniors come together to compete in their school’s battle of the bands. Sharing a love for playing rock and roll, the members name the band “The Stereotypical Freaks” because they feel stereotyped by their classmates – smart kid, geek, star athlete and quiet weirdo… when in fact they know they are much more than those labels that have been placed on them. When one member reveals life altering news, winning the competition takes on more of a meaning to each member. Scared and angry, upset and yet still with a lot of resolve they set out to win one for the good guys… will they?

Reviewer’s Comments:
Friendship, lost,the social issues of high school, and music all come together to create an amazing story called The Stereotypical Freaks.

The graphic novel follows four teenaged boys Dan, Mark, Jacoby and Tom-who represent the many clicks of the social spectrum. Through their love of music-and for their own personal reasons-they come together and form a band in order to participate in the battle of the bands.

As each member of the band goes through challenges and tragedies they grow and become stronger people for it. It’s as though they started out as children and are now on the cusp of adulthood due to the things that they’ve been through. They’re also more prepared for what future challenges that will come.

Shapiro’s writing is excellent. This is a story that will tug at the heart strings of readers. Pekar’s art is also wonderful as it is in perfect tune with Shapiro’s storytelling.

Overall, this is a wonderful story. This is one of the reasons why 2012 is the year of the indie creator. Go and get this graphic novel. It’s not available until November 14th. You can preorder the book on Amazon.


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