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Created on October 31, 2012 and written by
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Marceline and The Scream Queens 4 of 6

Rating: 4/5

Publisher Name: KaBOOM!

Publisher Website:

Writers: Yoko Ota & Ananth Paragariya

Artist: Yoko Ota

Colorist: Lisa Moore

Number of Pages: 32

Price: 3.99

Safety Content Label: All-ages

Publisher’s Blurb:

Don’t miss the latest issue of this popular ADVENTURE TIME spin-off mini-series!Starring fan-favorite Marceline the Vampire Queen and the hit of San Diego Comic-Con.

Reviewer’s Comments:

As an enthusiast of comic books, hip-hop, football, prose, video games, cartoons, MMA, photography, Anime, basketball and movies amongst other things, occasionally something from one of those varying interest groups slips through the cracks. It pains me to say, but other than the Buff Baby clip, I’ve only seen a hand full episodes of Adventure Time. So like anyone seeking knowledge, I went to the experts: Devin (age 9) and Donovan (age 5).

Now for the comic. 

The Adventure Time  spin-off mini-series main story follows Marceline (a guitar playing vampire) and Princess Bubblegum (who is made of bubblegum), two characters that don’t particularly get along as I was told by Devin, as they are off experiencing life without Finn, the star of the Adventure Time cartoon. Now in the information dump that I received about the characters, one thing that bubbled to the surface: friction between characters is a good thing.

Without having a wealth of knowledge on the Adventure Time subject, issue 4 of 6 in this limited series quickly pulled me in with great character moments. There is drama aplenty and action galore from cover-to-cover. From the tension, and eventual resolution, between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum to Finn having an “off day” as well as Peppermint Butler’s borderline villainy in the service of Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and The Scream Queens is a well-rounded all-ages romp through the Adventure Time universe.


Marceline and the Scream Queens   
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