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#139 - Fanboy Buzz - Khaaaaaaaaaaaann...

During this episode of the Fanboy Buzz JS tells us about how David Fincher takes The Goon to Kickstarter, Stephen poses the question of would AMC’s Comic Book Men have been on TV 10 years ago and Steve tells us about how Quantum and Woody Returns AND how yes, Agent Coulson does live. For his CCL Pick of the Week, Steve reviews Catwoman #13 which is followed by Stephen reviewing the Arrow, Comic Book Men and Walking Dead season premieres. In Issue to Issue we’ll discuss AvX Consequences #1, Uncanny Avengers #1 and Walking Dead Michonne Special #1. Nerd Rage pits Swamp Thing against Man Thing, and then Elongated Man against Plastic Man. Finally JS premieres a new segment called Cocky Cosplay. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us a voicemail or tweet @fanboybuzz.com

Show Note #1: The Goon Kickstarter
Show Note #2: Steve’s Quantum and Woody Collection
Show Note #3: Cocky Cosplay
Show Note #4: Copyright

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