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The Return of the Dark Knight: An Interview with Adam Beechen Part 2

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In part 2 of our interview, Mr. Beechen touches on the roles of minor characters in his upcoming arc and what his plans for the future of the book are.

TZ: One of my favorite issues of your new run has been issue 5. It is the most emotional character-based issue you have done on another character beyond Terry. What made you want to step outside of Terry’s life for a little?

AB: Thanks.  It’s my favorite story to date.  After every story arc, we try to do an issue that more or less stands alone, under the heading of “Legends of the Dark Knight.”  It focuses on someone in the supporting cast and/or how someone other than our main character relates to the notion of Batman.  In the case of #5, we’d been working on the book for a while, and hadn’t really re-told the origin.  But we didn’t want to re-hash the origin straight up – We wanted to do it in a way that shed new light on the characters and advanced the larger story.  So all the details of how Terry became Batman may not be on the page, but if you read between the lines ,you get a good idea of what happened.

TZ: Why did you choose to revisit Bruce’s past and simultaneously link it to Terry’s? It seems like an interesting choice but nonetheless one that is not out of the Beyond-norm given episodes from the Bruce Timm-era series (Batman Beyond and Justice League) but also your runs as well……

AB: The end of the Justice League Unlimited animated series revealed a surprising and momentous link between Bruce and Terry.  We wanted to provide another one of those, and show that there are a bunch of connections between Terry and Bruce, on lots of different levels.

TZ: Will he be back to impact any upcoming stories? The ending seems to hint he will be a big part of the universe coming up along with being a hero as opposed to his past ancestor….

AB: Jake Chill will be back and very soon.  He feels like he’s gone through an important change, and now he’s on a very personal mission.

TZ: Motioning back to the current stories going on, what made you want to build the Jokerz as a giant threat? It seems definitely like unexplored territory but something new as well…..

AB: We wanted to legitimize the Jokerz as something more than an annoying distraction in the Beyond Universe.  There’s so many of them, you can’t help but wonder what would ever happen if they got on the same page, and now we’re seeing it.

TZ: Max is also currently in a moral predicament of her own. What made you want to test her as a character?

AB: As with Dana, we wanted to make Max an important character, one who can takie her own actions and generate her own stories. We wanted her to do more than be Terry’s hacker-on-call. The more full we can make all of our supporting characters, the more opportunities we’ll have to tell stories.

TZ: Will Terry find out what she’s been up to, and will her loyalties be questioned?

AB: I don’t think anything would make Max’s loyalties waver.  But she’s definitely in over her head with Undercloud, and she better hope Terry finds out about it, because it’s going to take at least both of them to get Max out of it.

TZ: Bruce doesn’t seem to be in too good shape either. Why did you decide to isolate Terry?

AB: Terry has to learn how to do things without Bruce sooner or later.  He has to find out who else he can rely on, and how he can function without Bruce constantly yelling or whispering in his ear.  From a dramatic standpoint, you want your lead character to go through that at the most desperate possible moment.

TZ: Are you trying to show how Terry will deal with the first real big threat against him by himself?

AB: It’s definitely a big test for Terry that will force him to draw on everything he’s learned so far. It’ll also force him to ask himself some tough questions.

TZ: What will be the fate of Bruce?

AB: He’ll become a dancing showgirl in Las Vegas.  No, just kidding, of course.  Again, you don’t want me to reveal too much, right?

TZ: Turning forward to the future, will the new Catwoman be making any appearances? She too had a big role in the past, and seems to have vanished as of late…..

AB: Catwoman’s coming back.  She’s too much fun to just appear in one storyline.  I’m looking forward to really exploring who she is and what she’s all about, and I think I’ve found a fun way in which to do it.

TZ: What is the fate of Selina Kyle? Is she still alive, and will the return of the new Catwoman coincide with the return of the old as well?

AB: No comment.

TZ: Finally, in your eyes, how do you view the Beyond universe? Do see it as the future of the New 52 DCU?

AB: I think it’s a possible future of the DCU.  I wouldn’t want to say definitively, because so much can happen between here and there.  I also wouldn’t want to say because by keeping it a possible future instead of THE future, we can draw on all kinds of elements of DC continuities, present and past, for our stories, which is part of the fun.

TZ: What can fans expect from your run coming up?

AB: Next up after “10,000 Clowns” is a spotlight story on Dana, followed by our next big story arc, which gets into Max’s involvement with Undercloud.  I’m right in the middle of writing it, and having a lot of fun.  It brings seven (at least) characters to the Beyond continuity for the first time, including some I’ve wanted to write for years!

Thanks Mr. Beechen!! Stay tuned next week for our interview with JT Krul, author of “Superman Beyond”!!


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