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This is how a Kickstarter should be…

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Fans of the Fanboy Buzz will know that in recent months I’ve discussed on the podcast the balance of digital vs print and also how Kickstarter campaigns should be full of incentives that actually make sense. I was very pleased when this morning I came across a campaign for a project titled The Time of Reflection which is an Eagle Award Winning short comic. This campaign is not only a great example of ways you can help keep the industry alive, but is also a great example of how Kickstarter campaigns should be setup.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Alex Wilson (co-creator of The Time of Reflection) and he was very open about how he originally setup his Kickstarter project with the goal of simply offsetting a portion of the initial costs and in turn would have to absorb some himself. He further explained how he’s tried to keep the margins low on the incentives in order to help appeal to potential backers – the results speak for themselves and show that this works. The total goal of this project was $450 and as of right now he’s at $3104 with only 132 backers – that’s an average of about $24 per person. Often I find Kickstarter projects where the rewards are lopsided offering very little reward for your pledges – it’s nice to finally see one that has great rewards and in turn also has had great support.

The second thing that I want to point out about this campaign is the obvious support for local comic shops that is being demonstrated by these creators. For only $3 a backer not only gets a copy of the printed booklet for themselves (if they reside in the USA) but the project will also send a copy to the backer’s favorite independent retailer in North America. If that wasn’t enough – the backer also gets a digital copy as well. When you consider the price of printing and that TWO copies are being mailed out within this $3 pledge, it just goes to show that these folks aren’t bluffing when they say they keep their margins low.

Going forward I think that Kickstarters should take a page out of this book and setup rewards in a fashion that makes sense. While we want to support your project, it makes sense to offer a level of rewards that does just that – makes you feel rewarded. Alex and Silvio have set the bar high for future projects and also their obvious support to keep the industry alive is also motivating. – kudos guys.

Before I close I want to ask readers who may want to back this project to also help their LCS by pledging at least $3. I also want to encourage you folks to do what I’m doing and please help out a couple friends of mine (Jason Dyer and Steve Boyd) with their brand new shop Flint Town Comics. When you make your pledge over $3, please put down Flint Town Comics as your LCS. If you’ve ever been part of a new store opening you’ll know that it’s hard to front cash on a product when it’s unknown how the market will receive it. I’ve known Steve and Jason for several years and I’m sure they’ll appreciate having a product donated that they can either bundle as a promo or conversely sell it on the shelves – I’m not sure what they’ll do with it but at the very least just you’ll be showing them you support their shop.

Thanks for reading.

Audio Interview with Alex Wilson

The Time Of Reflection

Flint Town Comics
335 W Main Street
Gallatin, TN 37066

#137 – Fanboy Buzz Presents: Interview with Alex Wilson

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Picture this… Stephen Jondrew wakes up Friday morning and begins his daily task of sifting through his emails waiting for him. Stephen stumbles across one from a creator named Alex Wilson that catches his eye. Alex is the co-creater of the Eagle Award Winning mini comic The Time of Reflection. The project is currently on Kickstarter and helps to not only appeal to both the physical and digital markets but also helps encourage the support of your LCS (Local Comic Shop). Check out this short interview where we run over this awesome campaign. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave us a voicemail or tweet

Oh and remember… if you back this campaign, help our host Steve Boyd out and put down Flint Town Comics as your LCS.

Kickstarter Page
Alex Wilson Page
Flint Town Comics Facebook Page with Contact Information

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