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Created on July 5, 2012 and written by
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The Boys #68

Rating: 5/5

Publisher Name: Dynamite Entertainment

Publisher Website:

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Russ Braun

Colorist: Tony Aviña

Number of Pages: 32

Price: 3.99

Safety Content Label: Mature

“The Bloody Doors Off” Part Three

Publisher Blurb:

The next bad day: The Boys compare notes and find that all is very far from being as it should be. MM wants series words with Butcher, Hughie gets Monkey exactly where he wants him, the Female has a revelation of her own—and news comes in of yet another fatality. Things continue unraveling fast, in part three of The Bloody Doors Off.

Reviewers Comments:

The Boys draws even closer to its finale and if this issue is any indication than we are still in for a wild blood soaked amusement park ride of sorts. The short, plain, and spoiler free review for The Boys goes as follows: it’s good. Buy the damn issue. Now for everybody else word counting…

This issue is another clog in the machine that is the endgame of this book, as the remaining Boys—Wee Hughie, Mother’s Milk, The Female and Frenchman—learn what the readers of these book have discovered over the previous two issues: that Butcher has morphed from anti-hero to full blown persona non grata. The revelation involving Butcher’s villainy is handled well as his turn hinges on a reader’s knowledge of the series and characters. However, for newer readers, series writer and co-creator, Garth Ennis, balances this issue with the use of quick flashbacks and dialogue to allow someone fresh to The Boys a chance to get their footing.

As the plot thickens, the second half of the book sets aside words and embraces the sick twisted action that has been one of the hallmarks of the series, as a throw down between mates, Mother’s Milk and Butcher, takes place. Avoiding spoiler territory, there’s an “Holy Shit” moment that will leave long time fans of the series a bit shocked and dismayed (which is saying a lot based on some of the other sick and deprived things that have occurred through 67 issues).

With another issue in the books, Garth Ennis and company go out of their way to prove that no character is safe. That idea could not be more self-evident than through the reveal that Butcher is the final antagonist for The Boys. Now, The Boys will conclude forcing me into a mourning period but that’s not for a few months, so until the final page of the final issue I’m going wait savvy every riveting moment that this book has to offer.


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