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Created on July 26, 2012 and written by
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This episode of the podcast we discuss the multiple Man of Steel teasers, comic book movies coming out in 2012 and the horror that was the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Colorado. After the news Steve takes his CCL Pick of the Week down a different path where he runs down several titles that you might want to sell, in Stephen’s Log we discuss Star Trek TNG Doctor Who #3 and in Issue to Issue we review Captain Marvel #1, X-O Manowar #3 and Batman: Earth One. For Nerd Rage we put the Juggernaut against Lobo and Spider-Man vs Mace Windu. Finally, we conclude the podcast with some Fanboy Feedback. Leave us a tweet @fanboybuzz or a voicemail at 239-244-2899.

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2 Responses to “#127 – Fanboy Buzz – Haters Gonna Hate (on JS)”

  1. nothing


    07-30-2012 3:02 pm

    Bryan Hitch designed the Ultimate Nick Fury after Sam Jackson before the movie studio picked up the marvel franchise.


  2. nothing


    07-30-2012 5:15 pm

    Overall a very good episode.

    I would agree with Steven about Lobo. The plotline for a battle between him and juggernaut would end with the two of them realizing through a series of competitions that neither will quit and Lobo would suggest something like a drinking contest that would occur in some remote planet where they would get busted by the local PD or a GL and Lobo and Cain would take off on a riduculous whirlwind adventure across the cosmos. Cain would think a space chopper is much more boss than a surfboard and Lobo would comment on all the mutant babes Cain had a chance at, with Cain doing a little grand standing (and embelishing) about how much tail he got while being good vs. being bad.


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