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Created on June 15, 2012 and written by
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Reunited and it feels so good… In this episode the full crew finally reunites and we kick it off with a good chunk of news which includes DC explaining the upcoming ZERO ISSUES, Overstreet features Valiant Comics in a big way, Huffington Post’s top 10 most iconic comic covers and a suggested list of comic books that need movie adaptations. After this we slide into a debate about whether or not retconned work really exists and then we go into Stephen Supports Sucky Comics which features Pantha #1. In Issue to Issue we’ll discuss Creator Owned Heroes 1, Harbinger 1 and Extermination 1. Steve Boyd whips out his CCL Pick of the Week with Spawn #220 and then JS runs down Brian K Vaughn in Mr. Big Shot Writer. In Nerd Rage Scott puts Green Arrow against Daredevil and Hank Pym against Reed Richards. Finally we close up the show with Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews and Fanboy Feedback. Feel free to leave a message at 239-244-2899 or email podcast@fanboybuzz.com

Show Note 1: Huffington Post
Show Note 2: Hulk Film Poster
Show Note 3: Green Lantern

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