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Grim Leaper #1 Review

Written by on Jun 1, 2012
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Grim Leaper #1

Rating: 4/5
Publisher Name: Image Comics
Publisher Website:

Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Pencils: Aluisio C Santos
Number of Pages: 28
Price: 3.50
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY – 15 years and older. Similiar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

Publisher’s Blurb:
A brand new series from the mind of critically acclaimed writer KURTIS J. WIEBE (GREEN WAKE, PETER PANZERFAUST), GRIM LEAPER is a gory romantic comedy. Lou Collins is caught in a cyclical curse of violent, gruesome deaths and new beginnings in the bodies of strangers. With no clue why, Lou desperately searches for a way to break the curse and cross over peacefully to the other side. Then equally doomed Ella comes along. It’s a love story to die for.

Reviewer’s Comments:
A fine start to a very interesting comic series. Grim Leaper issue 1 is equal parts morbid and hilarious. After reincarnating for the 13th time, Lou takes a stroll through the city he was born in, lived in, and died in(and died in, and died in, and died in). He ends up at an all too familiar diner where– and given the tagline “A Love Story to Die for”, this shouldn’t come as too much of a shocker– he meets a girl.

We are then treated to one of the most interesting, even if one of the briefest, boy meets girl stories I have witnessed. As it turns out, Ella has an all too similar situation. Two people who had been actively avoiding getting close to anyone now had each other. Well, as long as they could deal with the whole, you know, continually dying dilemma.

Sadly, while the main story was fantastic, of the 28 pages of sequential story only 22 are the main story. The last 6 are a backup story called “Drive Time Commute”, which, if I’m being honest, just isn’t very good. If the backup was left out and the book was 2.99 and issue, I would have given it a 5/5. It’s honestly that good. Sadly, I have to take the comic into consideration as a whole, and this backup does more harm than good to the overall package.

Bottom line(cause Stonecold said so): If you’re a fan of dark humor, this comic is for you. I recommend it 150% for anyone who liked the movie Wristcutters: A Love Story(if you haven’t seen it, check it out as well, btw). Be warned though(as if this doesn’t pull you in more) $hit gets gruesome. It’s certainly not death scene after death scene, but when they do happen, they happen HARD.

#119 – Fanboy Buzz – The Most Awkward Episode Ever

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JS takes control of the podcast (or attempts to) during this Steve/Stephen free episode where we’ll discuss the upcoming Dr. Who and Star Trek cross over and Jason will chime in his opinions from a few of last week’s discussion points. During Issue to Issue we’ll discuss Irredeemable 37, Hulk Smash Avengers 4 and Scarlet Spider 5. During Nerd Rage we put The Plutonian against Allen the Alien and then 1990s Wonderman gets put against Luke Cage. Of course it would be an episode if Jason didn’t do some Rapid Fire Reviews. Finally we’ll close up the show with some Fanboy Feedback. Feel free to leave a message at 239-244-2899 or email

Genre: Comic Book Podcast | Updates: Weekly | Duration: 118 minutes | Subscribe: RSS Feed

The MEGABOOK Anthology from CE Publishing is FREE

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The MEGABOOK Anthology from CE Publishing is FREE

*The MEGABOOK Anthology from CE Publishing – 212 Pages and totally FREE!*

So what may you ask is MEGABOOK?!?

It’s quite simply the Largest, most Massive, Humungous,Gargantuan, Enormous (FREE) Comic book anthology in the UNIVERSE! It weighs in at 212 pages, 34 stories, 62 creators and is so stinking heavy that when you download it to your iPod you’ll need chain suspenders to hold your pants up.

MEGABOOK is so Massive that when you download it to your laptop you may very well break both of your legs while lounging on the couch, and firefighters will have to use the jaws of life and a crane to remove the laptop from your battered lower extremities. And did we mention that it’s totally FREE?!??

But seriously, this is an anthology book that CE Publishing guru Mike Rickaby put together to showcase the awesome talent of indie and up-and-coming comic creators. The idea was born out of Mike remembering just how rough it was to try and get comics work published with anyone. Once CE Publishing was so graciously accepted into the Graphicly fold, Mike wanted to give every opportunity to comic creators to be creative and tell their stories. He also wanted to repay the amazing publishers he had worked with along the way who were willing to take a chance and publish his work. At its heart, MEGABOOK is a Limelight book to give creators and small indie publishers the press time they deserve along with amazing digital distribution . MegaBook features stories from the following publishers along with some of the freshest talent in the comics community.

Red Lion Publications Red Leaf Comics Surprising Comics Twilight Star Studios RedBud Studio Gas Comics Back Row Comics Airship 27 BS Comics Heroic Tendencies Studios Lightning Comics (a CE Publishing revival) Comic Enterprise (CE) Publishing Group MEGABOOK ON GRAPHICLY:

Your First Look at SPIDER-MEN #2!

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Your First Look at SPIDER-MEN #2!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at Spider-Men #2, by the chart-topping creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli! When Peter Parker is thrown into Miles Morales’ world, the duo begin a journey that will not only answer questions about their own identities, but also reveal the truth about a major character in the world of Spider-Man! Kick off Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary in style with double the web-slinging action in Spider-Men #2, hitting comic shops, the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop this June.

SPIDER-MEN #2 (APR120606)







FOC – 6/4/12, On-Sale – 6/27/12





FOC – 6/4/12, On-Sale – 6/20/12

Wolverine and the X-Men #11 Review

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Wolverine and the X-Men #11

Ration: 5/5

Publisher Name: Marvel Comics

Publisher Website:

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Nick Bradshaw

Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Number of Pages: 23

Price: 3.99

Safety Content Label: Teen

“Got Hope?”

Publisher Blurb:

With tensions between the Avengers and X-Men on the rise, Kid Gladiator takes on the Avengers single-handedly! Meanwhile, whit the battle for Hope raging on, the students of the Jean Grey School must decide where their allegiances lie. 

Reviewers Comments:

I detest Wolverine! Sure, he’s got a few endearing qualities such as an awesome healing factor, indestructible admantium bonded to his skeleton and a penchant for all things bloody and violent, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m as sick of seeing his face. Seriously, he’s in just about every Marvel comic that I open. He’s an X-Man, he’s a (New) Avenger, he leads X-Force, he has his own solo adventures. That little runt of a Canadian mutant seems to pop up everywhere which makes it hard to believe that he didn’t have a cameo in the Avengers movie.

Now I say that to say this; as much as I loath Wolverine and his 80 million appearances a month, I’m in total awe of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Since issue one, Jason Aaron has shown a side of Logan that I never thought I needed—or even wanted–to read. Plus, despite the fact that his name gets top billing in the title of the book, Logan isn’t the star, and this issue, a AvX tie-in, that notion is exemplified. Much like the previous ten issues of this series, there is a lot going on and as usual, Aaron does an exceptional job of juggling multiple characters and story beats: from Kid Gladiator’s reluctance of leaving earth, to the first time fight between Iceman and Red Hulk.

Aside from spotlighting characters that normally occupy this book, such as Rachel Grey, Angel or Kitty Pryde, Aaron uses the AvX structure (specifically AvX issue #4) to give more depth and detail to the events that transpired between Wolverine and Hope before their trip to the moon. With all the spinning wheels, there’s been a significant amount of characterization for all parties involved, including Wolverine, who sounds less like a cold-blooded killer and more like the headmaster of the next generation of mutants.

Now, if you were like me and felt the most recent issue of AvX was lacking, this issue of Wolverine and the X-Men more than makes for what’s been missing. With a fantastic ensemble cast and sharp witty dialogue, as painful as it is for me to say it I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a book that features Wolverine. The only thing that would make this read better is if Broo graced a page or two.

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Eastsport Round 2!

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Hey Everyone!

As you read in previous posts, we here at Hound Comics are partnering with the backpack geniuses at Eastsport. Two months ago we started a special contest series featuring the prizes being different Hound artists illustrating a one-of-a-kind backpack using Copic Markers! The first round was Mina Sanwald, her pack was precious! Today starts round 2, and Hound Comics’ lead artist Sajad Shah is the artist on the bag!

Entering the contest is free, quick, and easy. Just go to and enter your name/email. Simple.

Go sign up now, and good luck!

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