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Created on May 6, 2012 and written by
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The Boys #66

Rating: 4/5

Publisher Name: Dynamite Entertainment

Publisher Website:

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Russ Braun

Colorist: Tony Aviña

Number of Pages: 32

Price: 3.99

Safety Content Label: Mature


The Bloody Doors Off” Part One


Publisher Blurb:

The last Boys story begins with some very shady goings on in Moscow, as an old friend runs into some unexpected trouble. Butcher announces a promotion that doesn’t please everyone, Annie makes a decision that horrifies Hughie- and in the aftermath of last issue’s super-carnage, Vought-American begins the struggle for survival. Part one of the six-part “The Bloody Doors Off.”

Reviewer Comments:

Through sixty-six issues, The Boys month in and month out have constantly stayed high on my pull list for a number of reasons. From the way in which Garth Ennis parodies the concept of superheroes, to the wacky, and often times disturbing situations that Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother’s Milk, The Frenchman and The Female find themselves in, in regards to policing the superhero community, there is no problem to big or small—sick or tame—that this group of C.IA. operatives won’t deal with.

At it’s best, The Boys is a blend of laugh-out-loud and cringe-worthy moments, and part one of the series’ swan song, “The Bloody Doors Off” is no exception. At first glance, issue #66 seems to be nothing more than a filler/recap issue, but after the events of the previous storyline–and with Ennis still having to juggle quite a few plot threads–such as Vought-American’s involvement with Compound V and the creation of super humans, this issue is exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak: it lets you know where its been without revealing too much of where it’s going.

Aside from allowing the readers to catch their breath, Ennis pulls out his favorite punching bag—Wee Hughie—and goes a few rounds. By the end of this issue one will have a better understanding as to why this storyline is titled “The Bloody Doors Off” and if you have an emotional bone in your body you will feel sorry for Wee and his current situation.

Garth Ennis seems to be angling The Boys to a conclusion that is fitting to the title’s pedigree with each character and faction having some stake in the end game, be it Mother’s Milk trying to maintain some resemblance of a normal life or Vought-American figuring out their next course of action to get the American public back on their side. As one of my favorite comics on the stands today, it’s going to be a sad day when this series comes to an end, but that’s a few months off, so in the meantime—in-between time—enjoy the lunacy that is The Boys.



The Boys #66   
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