MOTOR CITY COMIC CON 2012: Interview with actress Yvonne Craig

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Yvonne Craig was nothing but nice to speak to me about her past working on Batman

Yvonne Craig is an actress who appeared in such films such as Kissin’ Cousins and Mars Needs Women. However, she is best known for her role on the 1966 Batman show as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. She was nice enough to loan me some of her time to speak to me about her past acting career.

Tommy Zimmer: Why did you decide to do the Batman series?

Yvonne Craig: I wanted to do a series. I had been doing pilots. They called, and I said I was interested. If you are a guest on a television show, people recognize you. By doing a series, they connect you with your tale. When I read the original five minute presentation, I thought she was strong, independent, and spunky.

TZ: Did you read comics as a child?

YC: I read one comic as a kid. It was an Archie comic. I got an allowance each week, and could only buy certain thing. I could read a comic in record-breaking time. Books lasted longer for me. I never swaped comics with other kids.

TZ: What was your reaction to playing the role?

YC: I am really happy. I couldn’t believe to play this wonderfulrole. People said I was a role model. A man said he chose his wife based on my role.

TZ: Was their an attraction to the duality of the role?

YC: I thought duality made it more rounded than other roles.

TZ: Was there a difference in the way you approached playing Barbara Gordon versus Batgirl?

YC: No. Not really. She did not have much a difference. She was more proper because her father was the commissioner. She was just fun-loving. How much fun do have as a librarian?

TZ: How does it feel to have left a mark on the character and franchise as a whole?

YC: I am pleased to have inspired them. If I hadn’t, they are so talented, and they would’ve found a way. It’s inspiring but people have their talents too.

TZ: Was it fun working with Adam West?

YC: He was. I don’t see much of him today. He was very welcoming, and I always was appreciative.

TZ: Who was your favorite actor to work with on set?

YC: Alan Napier and I had our dogs. Both were set dogs, and would never make a noise. My favorite guest was Vincent Price. He was a very smart and sophisticated man. He had trained as a fine artist, and was an artist. He was curious about everything to his dying day.

Thanks Ms. Craig, and stay tuned for my final interviews this week from MCCC!!


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