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House FinaleSometimes you have to break rules and the series finale of House MD has me doing that with this post. That’s right – I’m abusing my column here on Fanboy Buzz to write about something that has nothing to do with comic books, anime or even a distantly related subject. If you haven’t watched the finale yet and don’t want it to be ruined, I suggest you read no further as I’m about to use spoilers.

After last night’s finale the cocky, arrogant and over the top doctor we have all come to love over the past 8 years is gone. That’s right, technically speaking Dr. Gregory House no longer exists on TV or in TV-land either.

While I was one of the few viewers left who had not become bored with the repetitive nature of show over the past few years, I will admit that the latter part of this season (including last nights finale) left a lot to be desired. For a show with such a huge track record of playing on a variety of viewer emotions, I felt as if the show just stayed within the typical show formula during the wind down on the series.

The concept behind last night’s finale was sound with the writers leading the viewers to think that House was dead, only to find out he had switched dental records in order to fake his death. This last minute switch combined with the hallucinations of characters from House’s past were definitely the right pieces for a House-finale puzzle, but I couldn’t help but feel as if there were too many pieces that were missing to complete it. Now that I’ve had a night to think about it, in my opinion there needed to be better lead up in the prior few episodes or possibly a 2-hour finale.

Viewers of the finale were left in a position to fill in a lot of blanks about the turmoil that left us with a suicidal House. In many of last night’s circumstances I felt crucial moments were rushed and where the audience couldn’t feel the character’s demise. The finale didn’t do a very good job of helping viewers understand why this one particular event would make House suicidal after all the times we had seen him shrug off other emotionally-traumatic events over the past 8 years. This could have easily been accomplished if the writers had spent more time leading up to House’s downfall; however, sadly the show didn’t deliver.

Contrary to the flaws I’ve mentioned, I won’t go as far as to say that the finale was terrible – but I can’t say it was great either. The episode presented a lot of parts to the making of a great finale, but it was missing a lot of them too. Overall I’d say that the first half of the show was far better than the second with the writers developing a way to bring characters of the past back without it seeming too absurd; however, there definitely needed to be a Cuddy cameo.

PS. Hugh Laurie was in “Street Kings” which featured Chris Evans who is also in Captain America and Avengers. Laurie also voiced in Monsters vs Aliens which also featured Green Hornet’s Seth Rogen. If that’s not enough for you either he was also featured in movie once called Valiant and Valiant is also a name of a comic publisher. There you go – now I’ve related this post to comics.


House Finale   House Finale   House Finale   
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