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Why am I reviewing older comics?

Well because I’m still sorta new at this and I’m trying to catch up on reading the ones that I wasn’t able to read growing up.  Also there are many people out there who are either new to comics or are seasoned pros who may want to revisit some of the older stuff. To tell you the truth, these comics never get old. Besides, there are so many people out there who are reviewing the new comics. So without further ado, I give you this week’s Classic Comic Review…

WHAT IF… THE HULK HAD KILLED WOLVERINE?  Vol. 2 50th Issue June 1993

Marvel Comics

Writer:  John Arcudi

Penciller: Armando Gil

Colors: Gina Going

Editor: Craig Anderson

Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

I love the WHAT IF… series because it always gives readers the opportunity to go down another path in the Marvel Universe.  In this case, the path takes us down the road of what would happen if the Hulk killed Wolverine and shows readers the consequences of that one particular action…the results are amazing and if you want to the answer to the question then you’ll enjoy this book.

Writer John Arcudi gives readers an excellent and enjoyable story.  The pace is smooth and sound and every action that is taken by a character in the story builds up until you have disasterous but excellent results.  The art however is in my opinion ugly.  Armando Gil depiction of the Hulk is the one of the worst that I’ve seen.  I know the Hulk is a monster but his appearance is still beautiful and Gil just makes him and the majority of the other characters such as Rogue ugly.

Over  all, the story is good and I think readers will enjoy traveling down the path not taken with Utau the Watcher guiding them.

If you have any classic comics that you want me to review please email me at Remember comics must have been published before 2010.


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