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After Twilight #1

Rating: 4/5
Publisher Name: Nu-Classic Publishing
Publisher Website:

Writer: Gary L. Watson w/ Richard P. Alvarez & Sandra E. Yates
Pencils: Douglas Brown
Number of Pages: 26
Price: 3.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY – 15 years and older. Similiar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Texas, 2022 — The Lone Star State is in a bloody war with the United States to become a separate fundamentalist Christian nation. A sinister force of religious policemen led by the brutal Sgt. Streetman carries sinners off to the redemption camps for salvation…if they survive. Young librarian Jen Frazier really wants to be invisible to the oppressive religious government that has taken over Texas where reason is outlawed and blind faith rules!

But Jen’s plan to isolate herself from the madness surrounding her is thwarted by her vivacious and high-spirited younger sister, Zoe, who embraces the underground resistance.

When Zoe is captured by the religious extremists and dragged to Camp Purity, a hellhole of Old Testament punishments and torture, Jen is pulled into the dark and dangerous world of the underground, liberators, witnesses, scribes, and apparitors. Once forced to confront the theocracy in a fierce, face-to-face battle, a defiant Jen will find out just how dangerous it is to fight a state with God on its side.

Reviewer’s Comments:
This 6-part miniseries opens up in a very promising fashion. To say that the opening issue is packed with content is an undersell. A LOT is going on within these pages. Generally, I’m a cheapskate. I tend to complain about prices going past 2.99 or 3.50 unless we’re talking 32 pages or more. In this case though the team has made it totally worth the price with the amount of story and the seamless flow from scene to scene.

I was a bit scared when I read the blurb. I try to avoid the topic of pro/anti-religion at all cost. I find it too hard to get behind people’s agenda either way. My fears were quickly banished when it became clear what the creator’s agenda really was: Telling a fine story. A what-if story in a sense, and a rather scary one(in a non-horror kind of way) at that. There’s a message within which speaks of moving forward instead of backwards. A message that isn’t new, but has never been portrayed so clearly before without coming off as offensive(At least not that I’ve seen). Not to mention, one of the coolest looking villain’s I’ve ever seen!

Bottom line(cause Stonecold said so): All of you non-religious folk are going to love this book. It will solidify arguments you have against organized religion and even give you some new ones you may have never thought about before. For the more pro-religious reader, THIS BOOK IS NOT BASHING YOU. It is bashing the lack of tolerance that some people seem so intent on holding onto. At the very least it shows us what Christianity shouldn’t be viewed as, but is in the eyes of many because of a few extremists who can’t get with the times(and really, can’t embrace all the positive aspects of the religion, focusing instead on the wrathful bits).

And lastly, for the neutral/open readers in either direction. This is a good comic. You should really check it out.


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    Writer Gary (@After_Twilight):

    05-20-2012 12:10 pm

    Here’s a link to a great new review of AFTER TWILIGHT #1 by Tommy Hancock at Fanboy Buzz @ComicsCast. Thanks, Tommy!


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