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Created on May 18, 2012 and written by
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In this show Jason and Stephen take a break while JS and Scott give their take on the Avengers, then we all hop in to discuss Comic Book Men Season 2 and Avengers surpassing one billion dollars. In Issue to Issue we’ll chat about Higher Earth 01, Trio 01 and Night of 1000 Wolves 001. In between this and Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Reviews we’ll also Nerd Rage about Invincible vs Superboy Prime, Dare Devil vs Nightwing and Thanos vs Darkseid. Finally we’ll take Fanboy Feedback before we close the show. As always we encourage you to leave a message at 239-244-2899 or email podcast@fanboybuzz.com

Show Note 1: Check out the Youtube channel for the chalk artist

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One Response to “#117 – Fanboy Buzz”

  1. nothing

    Rob Wrecks:

    05-24-2012 2:48 am

    Actually if I recall right with the Spider-Men event, they are crossing over 616 Spidey into the Ultimate Universe. And sadly, I’ve still yet to read Invincible. Hoping to change that soon though! And wasn’t the Dick Grayson/Robin character created long before Daredevil was? Also, I thought the Avengers film was pretty great myself. Granted, I’ve never been all that much of an Avengers fan. So that helped me enjoy it even more as well.


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