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Webcomic: A flowchart Guide to Mass Effect 3

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After discussing Mass Effect 3 in the latest episode of the Fanboy Buzz I decided that as someone who is still working on the Mass Effect series, I should compile their feedback in a easy to follow flow chart. I’ve collected their points and put them together so that people like myself can remember how to play Mass Effect 3 when it becomes that time.

I hope you enjoy.

Webcomic: A Guide to Mass Effect 3

Comicmaniac Spotlight: Jimmy Palmiotti Interview

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RETROVIRUS is a new creator-owned graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and illustrated by Nomberto Fernandez with the lettering done by Bill Tortolini and the cover by Amanda Conner.  Right now, the creators are raising the funds for the project on Kickstarter. I had the opportunity to interview Jimmy via email to talk about the graphic novel, his other project Creator Owned Heroes, his thoughts on the indie community, and what fans can look forward to in the pages of All-Star Western.

What inspired this project and what was the creative process?

Jimmy: Having success with the QUEEN CRAB book on Kickstarter, Justin and I figured we give it another go with another project we have been working on outside our usual work. The idea itself was inspired by many childhood movies and books like The Andromeda Strain and Altered States, and we thought Retrovirus was something, as writers, we haven’t done before.

What makes RETROVIRUS stand out?

Jimmy: Some amazing artwork by Nomberto Fernandez and a really wild story told in an adult manner. The story is a self-contained graphic novel with a beginning, middle and end. We try our best to pull the readers into a situation that there seems to be not a shred of hope, and take you on a journey with the main character that we think you will enjoy. It stands out because it’s more of a concept piece driven by a main character.

You’re known for creating believable characters that live in the same dark and dismal world that we all must bear. What can you tell us about the characters in RETROVIRUS?

Jimmy: Our main character is Zoe, and she is a scientist dealing with a lot of unpleasant things happening in her life and an interesting proposition comes her way that will change her forever. As her adventure unfolds, we meet the other people in the story and what drove them to be working on the Retrovirus project. These are a group of regular people with jobs trying to make their way in a world with unraveling mysteries and dealing with the sad facts that what they are being told is only part of a bigger story. As usual, we unwrap the mystery that opens up a Pandora’s box of insanity.

You have worked on a lot of projects with Justin . How do you keep your creative partnership from getting stale? What was it like working with Nomberto?

Jimmy: New ideas and new projects keep us going. Working on these books is always a personal adventure for us and building an audience through our work is always exciting. With every book, we have a chance to get someone else into our world and that never becomes stale. Justin and I have so many ideas, there just is not enough time in the day…but together we make a great team and understand that having similar goals gives us a chance to make a better go at it together. Getting to work with so many wonderful artists like Norberto make the ride even better.

You recently started Creator Owned Heroes with Steve Niles and Phil Noto which will be debuting in June. How did the book come into being and what can you tell fans a little bit of what they can expect with this book?

Jimmy: Creator-Owned Heroes is a monthly title coming from Image comics that features two different 11 page stories by Justin and I and Steve Niles, as well as 16 pages of editorial . It’s sort of a magazine style comic where we get to throw some wild ideas out there each month. The first story we have in it is Triggergirl 6 , drawn by Phil Noto. It is a sci-fi action drama set in the future. The way this all came together was we all were talking about how hard it is to put bigger projects together and how costly mini series were for people trying to do creator owned work. This whole project is an experiment that we hope people give a try. We are very proud to have an interview with Neil Gaimen featured in the first issue.  

What advice can you give indie creators who are just starting out?

Jimmy: Create a following. Use social media as best you can and put yourself out there and your work on the internet…from there, work it all as best you can. It’s not easy, but there has been much success for some doing this. We are working in a field where practically everyone that reads comics wants to create them, so it can be tough in the beginning, but stick with it and eventually you will find some kind of success on some level. If your goal is to be rich and famous, you are in the wrong business. Comics are done out of love of the medium. You learn that right away.

2012 has been declared the year of creator owned comics. What excites you about what’s currently going on in the indie community?

Jimmy:  There is an energy out there that you can feel. The better comic shops are carrying a wide range of books that are taking risks, books that are not just superheroes. The new wave of creator owned titles are exploring all different genres and that’s a move in the right direction. The bigger companies have had to up their game because of this and competition is the healthiest place to be in this industry. On a personal level, right now about half of my work flow is working on creator owned comics, so I am excited bout that. One day I might even to be able to make a living off of it. I think 2012 is the year of IMAGE comics. 

What advice do you have for writers and artists?

Jimmy: Work, work, work, and don’t get discourage or quit. Take advice from professionals and be smart about who in your life helps you and who hurts you. Its all about focus and believing you can do this that makes the difference. Read a lot, travel and listen to others….then get to work.

What do you do when you get writer’s/artist’s block?

Jimmy: I do anything else but look at books or comics. I go for a walk, go see a movie in the middle of the day, or talk to Amanda about other things. I trick my brain into other tasks and then things usually work themselves out.

How did you break into comics?

Jimmy: Loved them as a child, worshipped different artists along the way, went to an art high school and eventually broke in by doing backgrounds for other artists till I picked up my own work.

What inspires you to create comics?

Jimmy: The need to express myself in a visual medium is what drives me to create comics. The love of the graphic storytelling format and the excitement of seeing others take my words and create artwork will never be anything but exciting to me. .  

What comics are you reading?

Jimmy: I buy the first issue of each and every book that comes out. If they impress me, I try the second, and so on. As you may know, this means I am reading more than I can talk about. My weekly pile is getting bigger and bigger.

With the Night of the Owls storyline currently going on in the Bat books, will Jonah Hex be getting involved with any of the madness in his timeline?

Jimmy: Everything we do in our book will have an impact on the future of Gotham in one way or another. We are inspired by the stories taking place right now in the Bat books and try to pepper the past with ideas. We are working hand in hand with them to keep this universe and timeline the tightest it has ever been and we are having a blast making Jonah part of it.

What can readers look forward in upcoming issues of All-Star Western?

Jimmy: You can look forward to a lot of the other characters making appearances in the front stories including new ones as well. We have a big storyline coming up that makes Gotham the center of the universe for a lot of the characters and we raise the stakes for Jonah and his gang in a way that has everything to do with the timeline and what was happening in other parts of the world. We are just having so much fun on this book, I sure hope its coming across that way.

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