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Recently, it seems like the second week of the month has become a particularly jam-packed week for new comics, with many high-profile releases hitting simultaneously.  But if you live in or around Glasgow, Scotland, and think you can squeeze one more comic onto your pull-list this week, why not make it The Standard #3? 

Gilbert Graham is The Standard once more, but coming out of retirement was the easy part.  Now, he has to learn how to be a hero in this new, darker world, as his quest to find a missing child takes him into Sky City’s murky depths, and sets him face-to-face with a terrifying new enemy.

Forbidden Planet – 168 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

You can get The Standard #3 in Forbidden Planet, one of the top branches of the famous comic book store franchise.  The first two issues have sold really well here, with issue #1 selling out completely.  I’m hoping that trend will continue with issue #3.

A1 Comics – 31-35 Parnie Street, Glasgow

You can also get the comic in A1 Comics, down at the other end of City Centre, just off Argyle Street, near Trongate.  Issue #1 also sold out here, but the retailers asked for a restock, so there may still be a couple of copies left if you still need to pick up the first two issues.

Plan B Books – 55 Parnie Street

Finally, you can get The Standard #3 in Plan B Books, newly relocated to a swank new store just a few doors down from A1 Comics.  It’s a really cool store that specialises in graphic novels and small press comics, making it the great place for finding stuff that’s a bit more off the beaten track.  And they make a mean cup of coffee too.  There are still a handful of copies of the first two issues available here too.

Thanks to all the retailers who are stocking The Standard, it’s much appeciated.  The comic continues to do well locally, which makes me very happy.  And thanks to all the local readers who have picked up the first two issue, and who have patiently waited for issue #3.  I apologise that it’s taken so long, but once you read it I hope you’ll decide it was worth the wait.

I also apologise to readers outside of Glasgow, Scotland.  There is no digital release for The Standard #3 as of yet.  There is a good reason for this, and I’ll hopefully have big news to share with you soon, but I fear I will be taken out by ninjas if I speak prematurely on this matter.  Rest assured, you’ve not been forgotten!

The Standard is a 6-issue comic book miniseries, each chapter 28 pages long.  This third issue is written by me, John Lees, is pencilled and inked by Jonathan Rector, colored by Mike Gagnon, lettered by Kel Nuttall, and edited by Steven Forbes.  The comic is published by ComixTribe.


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