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Welcome to REVERSEDALE! August ARCHIE preview

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Welcome to REVERSEDALE! August ARCHIE preview


“The Great Switcheroo” – Growing up as a teenage boy can rough! But not more so than a teen girl, right? Upon overhearing the guys and gals of Riverdale grumbling over how the other half has it easier, Sabrina’s mischievous cat Salem turns the town upside down when he dishes out the ultimate genetic makeover! Chaos ensues as the teens discover it’s not as easy to walk in each other’s shoes (or heels!) as they originally thought, so it’s up to Sabrina to set things right! Will Salem’s spell wear off, thus giving the gang a new appreciation for who they are, or will the switch up become permanent? Find out in this off-the-wall issue guest-starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

Script: Tania del Rio

Art: Gisele, Rich Koslowski

Cover: Gisele

Variant Cover: Gisele

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 8/22

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 Review

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Batman Beyond Unlimited #2

Rating: 5/5
Publisher Name: DC Comics
Writer: Adam Beechen/Derek Fridolfs/Dustin Nguyen
Pencils: Norm Breyfogle/Dustin Nguyen
Inks: Derek Fridolfs
Number of Pages: 32 pgs.
Price: 3.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
The excitement continues in this oversized title chronicling the adventures in the Beyond Universe and making their print debut here!One of Batman’s most explosive villains is back! In an effort to regain his status in the criminal underworld, however, he loses the one thing he loves best…and now all of Gotham may pay the price!The new Justice League Beyond adventure continues, as the League goes in search of AWOL member Micron – who may or may not have gone native while investigating Kobra! A larger, darker secret is about to be revealed…and it could spell doom for Earth!

Reviewer’s Comments:
I will be honest. The return of Batman Beyond in February was probably one of the highlights of my month. Seeing Adam Beechen returning in full Batman Beyond fashion along with the addition of Norm Breyfogle, Dustin Nguyen, and Derek Fridolfs, the book just cannot get much better than this.

Issue 2 for the Batman-focused story picks up after the “10,000 Jokers” prologue. Beechen opens the issue with a confrontation of British Jokers and a group of weapons dealers. As they begin to do business, they recount how Mad Stan died at the hands of Hush. Oh, how sad it is we do not have him anymore. That is until he makes his appearance in grand fashion on a splash page. He is back in full fury, pissed off people think he’s dead, and also mad his weapons’ dealers broke the exclusive contract they had. Stan was apparently on vacation, and as things go to hell, Terry shows up to stop it. He does not worry about the dealers, and instead focuses on whom he knows is the real threat: Mad Stan. As the first story comes to a close, Stan seems to hold the upper hand in the warfare.

The next story picks up directly from the previous issue. The Justice League Unlimited (or Beyond) make their way to Dinosaur Island. A nice nod to the events that will take place in the upcoming GI Combat are mentioned. They are investigating what happened to Micron, and have traced his path to the island. They make their way inside, and find a bunch of Lexbots waiting to fight them. As they are in the middle of the action, Micron is seen running. Terry follows him, and tracks him. Along the way, he rescues a prisoner. That prisoner is Amanda Waller, and thus begins her introduction to the new Justice League.

For writer Adam Beechen, his writing talents seem like a walk in the park. Having headed both the Batman Beyond mini-series and first Batman Beyond series (cancelled because of Flashpoint and now re-launched), he has complete command over his narrative, the characters, and the direction of the book. Though I miss Ryan Benjamin’s artwork that defined the tone and style of the book so well as Beechen worked well with him, I cannot at all complain about Norm Breyfogle. He does a fantastic job with illustrating the characters staying true to the feel of what has come before and the animated series as well.

For writers Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, I have similar high praises. For the most part, I think they are doing a great job coordinating the story. However, where Beechen strikes well, the two fall a little short. I feel the transitioning in the story structure could use some work. While it seems natural the story would move from the JLA to Terry when he is investigating, this is not just Terry’s story but Superman’s, Barda’s, Aquagirl’s, etc. However, minus that, they are doing a great job with the story, and for first timers, have Terry’s voice along with the others down to a pat. The art by Nguyen and Fridolfs is also great. I look forward to seeing Nguyen and Fridolfs do darker art more akin to what Breyfogle is doing if they ever move the story to Gotham (or Neo-Gotham).

With JT Krul and Howard Porter coming on next month, this book keeps getting better and better. However, I have to be honest. He has a lot of shoes to fill with the two other stories going on…..

Birds of Prey #7 Review

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Birds of Prey #7

Rating: 5/5
Publisher Name: DC Comics
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Pencils: Jesus Saiz
Number of Pages: 32 pgs.
Price: 2.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Go ahead. Skip this issue. You’ll only be missing 20 pages of insane, wall-to-wall action as the Birds of Prey finally catch and unmask the elusive mind-controlling villain known as “Choke” – only to discover that he’s turned one of their own against them! You’ll also be missing Black Canary vs. Ivy! Batgirl vs. Starling! Katana versus…well, that would be spoiling things, wouldn’t it? BIRDS OF PREY #7: The comic for people who think there’s not enough fighting in comics.

Reviewer’s Comments:
Oh, how I love Black Canary. She needs a lot more spotlight than DC is giving her. However, her lead in Birds of Prey continues to satisfy my hunger as it did pre-New 52.

The issue opens up with the team doing battle. However, Poison Ivy starts to get a little too close to what she used to do. Next, Canary tries to stop, and a battle ensues. However, one of the men they are battling is taken over by Choke. As Batgirl and Starling confront Trevor Cahill, Starling confronts him revealing who he truly is. Not happy about that, he controls Starling to attack Batgirl. Luckily, she dodges the bullet, and stops Starling. Canary uses her canary cry to stop Ivy and the henchmen from fighting her. As Cahill tries to escape, Batgirl stops him in an alleyway as he tries to escape. A very emotional scene then occurs between Canary and Batgirl that is very much true to their relationship. As the team (minus a pissed off Batgirl) interrogates Cahill, Ivy starts on him, and is poisoned in the process. However, then Katana slashes his head off declaring her dead husband in her sword will get the truth out of him. Canary is quite upset by this, and is a little aloof about it. As Canary is back home, Batgirl and her reunite making up for their past grievance. However, an upsetting call from Katana follows……

This title is amazing. Seven issues in, Duane Swierczynski is still keeping my attention. It amazes me with such big shoes to fill from Gail Simone how he is able to walk in, and have complete control over the characters and narrative. I cannot forget to mention Jesus Saiz who is literally killing this book. His art and structure of the panels is too great for me even to put in this review. With these two, I want to know what happens next immediately. Lucky, that is this upcoming Wednesday……

Secret #1 Review

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Secret #1

Rating: 3/5
Publisher Name: Image Comics
Publisher Website:

Writer: Johnathon Hickman
Pencils: Ryan Bodenheim
Number of Pages: 22
Price: 3.50
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY – 15 years and older. Similar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

Publisher’s Blurb:
A man gets shot in London, a law firm gets broken into in Washington, an accountant gives away the password to his computer, and something put to sleep 20 years ago awakens. What is the unsavory relationship all these things share, and how could it bring down two of the largest governments in the history of the world?

It’s SECRET, a brand new, ongoing, monthly comic from the creators of A RED MASS FOR MARS.

Brought to you by award-winning writer JONATHAN HICKMAN and break-out talent, RYAN BODENHEIM, SECRET is an espionage thriller that takes a deep look into the shadow world existing between the government and private security firms.

Reviewer’s Comments:
Not a bad first issue. Chapter One: Teeth, with Which to Eat, moves at a fairly quick pace and packs a lot of story without feeling convoluted. Some of the pages were a bit wordier than necessary, namely pages featuring a character named Grant Miller, who fancies himself a smarty-pants and seems to love to hear himself speak, but it never interfered with the flow of the story. I did run into a few typos, and not minor things like a misspelled word or a misplaced comma, but sentences that look as though they were rewritten, but never fully erased beforehand. I.E. “You are inarguably the one of the most important law firm in Washington.” The first “the” and the fact that there’s no S at the end of “law firm” is a clear indicator that the line was rewritten. These types of mistakes, while not abundant, were the only things that pulled me out of the story and are, therefore, my biggest critique on this issue. It’s not that the writing wasn’t strong, just a bit of sloppy editing here and there. Also, for a book that advertises it’s mystery above all else(it’s called “Secret”, after all) the ending was fairly predictable. On the other hand, to Hickman’s credit. there was one point in the story that made me wince at the thought of the pain a character was being put through, that’s hard to do through static images.

I had a couple gripes as far as the writing, or editing, to be more specific, but the artwork in this comic is AMAZING! Bodenheim’s gritty, yet stunning, art fit the story that is being told so perfectly that I think the quality of the book would drop significantly if another artist jumped on board, regardless of said artist’s skills. While the pencils and inks are to be applauded, my favorite thing about Secret #1 was the colors. Weird right? I think this is the only time I’ve felt this way. The colors are approached differently in this book than I have ever seen before and are used more to set the mood for each scene rather than to just make the pictures a little prettier. Instead of everything being colored as you’d expect, it feels as if you are looking through different colored lenses which change from shot to shot for dramatic effect depending on the feel of the room/character.

In conclusion, Secret #1 was a good, but, aside from the color aspect, not a special read. I would not be the least bit surprised if it evolved into something amazing, even if that happened within the next few issues, but it just isn’t there yet. The price is also a bit of an issue for me. While 50 cents isn’t a lot of money, I feel there are better Image titles for 2.99.

Barnes & Noble Marvel Avengers Digital Deal

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New York, New York – April 16, 2012 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, is announcing a fantastic opportunity for fans of The Avengers graphic novels by Marvel Entertainment, one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, to get an exclusive discount on Barnes & Noble’s award-winning NOOK Tablet.

Customers who buy two Avengers digital graphic novels from a list of select titles in-store or online at will receive a $30 discount on a new NOOK Tablet. The NOOK Tablet is priced at $199 for the 8GB version and $249 for the 16GB version.

“NOOK Tablet is the ideal device for our customers to enjoy Marvel’s digital graphic novels in stunning high-resolution color that virtually makes the action leap off the page,” said Jim Hilt, Vice President, eBooks for Barnes & Noble. “We’re thrilled to offer comics fans everywhere this irresistible value of NOOK Tablet packaged with the best Avengers digital graphic novels available on NOOK.”

Once two eligible Avengers digital graphic novels have been purchased, in-store customers will be able to purchase a new NOOK Tablet in the same transaction for a $30 savings.

The online experience will be just as seamless for NOOK and Avengers fans. Customers will simply go to, click on the Avengers offer and choose two titles from the 20 available. Within 24 hours they will receive a link that will allow them to purchase their new NOOK Tablet at the discounted price.

“Marvel is proud to offer our content along with the best-selling NOOK Tablet,” said Peter Phillips, SVP & GM, Digital Media at Marvel Entertainment. “When you want to experience more of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine or any of our other iconic superheroes, there is nothing quite like a Marvel graphic novel.”

The NOOK Tablet utilizes the world’s most advanced VividView™ Touchscreen technology, offering readers a chance to experience the action-packed epics of The Avengers and all Marvel graphic novels on Barnes & Noble’s fastest, lightest tablet.

As with all NOOK products, customers can shop Barnes & Noble’s expansive NOOK Store™ of more than two million digital titles. In addition, Barnes & Noble offers always free in-store NOOK support for customers to set up and learn how to use their new device face-to-face with friendly neighborhood NOOKsellers™.

This promotion starts on April 16 and runs through May 6, 2012, and may only be redeemed once per customer.

About NOOK® from Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK brand of eReading products makes it easy to read what you love, anywhere you like™ with a fun, easy-to-use and immersive digital reading experience. With NOOK, customers gain access to Barnes & Noble’s expansive NOOK Store™ of more than 2.5 million digital titles, and the ability to enjoy content across a wide array of popular devices. NOOK Tablet™ is Barnes & Noble’s fastest, lightest tablet with the best in entertainment from top services and everything you want in a tablet at a great value ($199 for NOOK Tablet – 8GB, and $249 for NOOK Tablet – 16GB). Both NOOK Tablet and the award-winning NOOK Color™ ($169) feature a stunning 7-inch VividView™ Color Touchscreen to read all of the content you love, shop popular apps, connect via email, browse the Web and more. The NOOK Simple Touch™ ($99) is the fastest, easiest to use reader with the world’s best reading screen and the longest battery life. Barnes & Noble offers NOOK owners Always Free NOOK Support in any of its nearly 700 bookstores, as well as free Wi-Fi® connectivity to enjoy the Read In Store™ feature to read NOOK Books™ for free, and the More In Store™ program, which offers free, exclusive content and special promotions. Barnes & Noble was the first company to offer digital lending for a wide selection of books through its LendMe® technology, available through NOOK eReading products. Find NOOK devices in Barnes & Noble stores and online at, as well as at Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Target, Radio Shack, Books-A-Million, OfficeMax, Fred Meyer, P.C. Richard & Son stores, Office Depot, Fry’s Electronics and Systemax Inc. retailers.

In addition to NOOK devices, Barnes & Noble makes it easy for customers to enjoy any book, anytime, anywhere with its FREE NOOK Reading Apps™, available at Customers can use Barnes & Noble’s free eReading software to access and read books from their personal Barnes & Noble digital library on devices including iPad™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, Android™ smartphones and tablets, PC and Mac®. Lifetime Library™ helps ensure that Barnes & Noble customers will always be able to access their digital libraries on NOOK products and software-enabled devices and Barnes & Noble also offers NOOK Study™ (, an innovative study platform and software solution for higher education, NOOK Kids™ (, a collection of digital picture and chapter books for children, and NOOK Books en español™ (, the first-ever Spanish language digital bookstore in the United States.

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About Barnes & Noble, Inc.

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About Marvel

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit


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A STRING OF SELL OUTS FOR THIEF OF THIEVES – Robert Kirkman’s latest series gets multiple reprints

THIEF OF THIEVES #3, published by Skybound/Image Comics, has sold out at the distributor level just like the second issue. The first issue sold out on the first day of release. A second printing (MAR128105) will be in stores on May 5, the same day as THIEF OF THIEVES #4.

More and more readers are snatching up this action-packed crime noir, so the first issue has also been returned to print yet again. The third printing of THIEF OF THIEVES #1 (MAR128105) is available for order immediately and will also be stores in stores on May 5.

“We are bringing heist stories to readers with a new twist by showing the humanity of all of the characters, including the criminals,” said THIEF OF THIEVES creator/writer Robert Kirkman, “and we couldn’t be happier that people seem to be enjoying it as much as we are.”

The new ongoing series, written by Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer with art by Shawn Martinbrough, is a runaway hit, requiring multiple reprints for every issue thus far. Following the announcement last week that AMC will be adapting the series for TV with Kirkman and David Alpert in their same capacity as Executive Producers on THE WALKING DEAD,  and Chic (DEXTER, THE SHIELD) Eglee as Executive Producer and showrunner, orders and anticipation are expected to continue to rise even higher.

THIEF OF THIEVES is about a master thief who leaves behind his life in the high-stakes world of crime to try to return to being a family man. Each 32-page full-color issue is available for purchase and reorder in comic book stores and on multiple digital platforms.

ABOUT ROBERT KIRKMAN Robert Kirkman’s success and passionate advocacy for creator-owned comics led him to become the first person invited to become a partner at Image Comics since the company’s inception twenty years ago. He’s the creator/writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, kid-friendly Super Dinosaur, The Astounding Wolf-Man, and new title Thief of Thieves, among many others. Kirkman has earned the respect of the comic, writing and television communities and topped the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels in 2011, taking four of the top spots.  He’s the creator/executive producer and writer of the hit television show, AMC’s The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S, also an international success in 120 countries and 250 million households. is your destination for all news and merchandise for Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles.

Archaia Recruits All-Star Creative Team for ‘Hawken’

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Graphic Novel Anthology Behind the Eagerly Anticipated, Free-To-Play Mech Game Welcomes an Impressive Line-Up of Artists

CHICAGO, IL (April 16, 2012) – Award-winning publisher Archaia Entertainment announced the creative team behind HAWKEN, the original graphic novel prequel to Adhesive Games’ upcoming free-to-play, mech, first-person shooter (FPS) from indie game publisher Meteor Entertainment.

Hawken is the story of a human-colonized planet that has been industrialized to the point of collapse. This crumbling world sets the stage for an ongoing hunt for vital resources and a brutal battle for survival. Written by Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect: Homeworlds, Star Wars), the epic tale will span three decades, capturing key moments in the ambitious rise and tragic fall of this post-apocalyptic world and the pivotal few who determined its fate.

Each key moment in the story will be presented by a new artist, whose unique style and mood fits the tone of the unfolding events. The anthology boasts an impressive army of visual talent, including Federico Dallocchio (Starcraft, Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, Suicide Squad), Nathan Fox (DMZ, The Haunt), Stefano Gaudiano (Daredevil, Amazing Spiderman), Michael Gaydos (Alias, True Blood), Bagus Hutomo (Shrapnel, Heavy Metal), Christopher Moeller (Iron Empires, JLA: League of One), Moritat (Elephantmen, Transmetropolitan), Alex Sanchez (Star Wars: The Old Republic, JSA Classified), Brian Thies (Winter Soldier, Dark Tower), Greg Tocchini (Last Days of American Crime, X-Force), and Francisco Ruiz Velasco (Inhumans, conceptual artist on Hellboy 2, The Hobbit, and Pacific Rim).

The graphic novel will release in March 2013, following the game’s debut on 12-12-12. Aside from serving as the game’s narrative counterpart, the book will offer a veritable survivor’s guide for gamers—character profiles, weapon stats and schematics, maps, glossaries, strategies, and keys to unlocking special bonuses and feature in-game. The overall reading experience is designed to not only welcome fans into the Hawken universe, but equip them with exclusive tips and tools that enrich their overall enjoyment of the game as well.

Overseeing the creation of the graphic novel are DJ2 Entertainment and Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist and Co-Founder of Adhesive Games, Khang Le (Flight Vol. 2). “We’ve had a blast extrapolating the core fiction as envisioned by creative director Khang Le and his team at Adhesive, and wanted to make sure the extended universe we developed alongside Archaia was as captivating and provocative as the game itself,” said Dan Jevons, DJ2 Co-CEO.

DJ2 brought in Joe LeFavi of Quixotic Transmedia to develop a publishing strategy for Hawken, whose passion for the material and credibility as a brand builder in the publishing space made him the obvious choice. Quixotic later sealed the deal with frequent collaborator Archaia Black Label, a division of Archaia designed to help entertainment brands launch and expand into publishing. LeFavi will serve as Archaia’s Transmedia Producer and Executive Editor on the book alongside Archaia’s own Publisher, Mike Kennedy. “It’s rare to see a gaming brand take story so seriously from day one,” said Kennedy, who spent 18 years as a Producer in the video game industry. “That’s why we pulled out the stops and put together such a phenomenal creative team. Hawken has created an incredible world and we intend to do it justice.”

Archaia hosted a panel at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Chicago, IL on Friday, April 13 and debuted an exclusive preview of the game and graphic novel. Archaia also plans to distribute four limited-edition Hawken posters during key conventions throughout 2012. Each poster will feature original art from Khang Le, and together play a unique role in the game’s closed beta release in October 2012. The first of four posters premiered at C2E2.

About Archaia Archaia is a multi award-winning graphic novel publisher with more than 70 renowned publishing brands, including such domestic and international hits as Mouse Guard, Return of the Dapper Men, Gunnerkrigg Court, Awakening, The Killer, Days Missing, Tumor, Syndrome, Artesia, The Engineer, and an entire line of The Jim Henson Company graphic novels. Archaia has built an unparalleled reputation for producing meaningful content that perpetually transforms minds, building one of the industry’s most visually stunning and eclectic slates of graphic novels. Archaia was named Graphic Novel Publisher of the Year according to Ain’t it Cool News, Graphic Policy, and Comic Related, and was honored with nine 2011 Eisner Awards nominations and two Awards for Best Graphic Album and Best Anthology. Archaia has also successfully emerged as a prolific storyteller in all facets of the entertainment industry, extending their popular brands into film, television, gaming, and branded digital media.

About Meteor Entertainment Meteor Entertainment is a newly formed video game publisher in Seattle, Washington.  Assembled by Adhesive to support HAWKEN and many future projects. Meteor is building out a top tier roster of talent to successfully publish this F2P game globally, setting the standard for customer service and community engagement. To learn more about Meteor Entertainment visit and be sure to check out

About DJ2 Entertainment Based in Santa Monica, California, DJ2 is an independent, multi-platform production company that develops and produces content for theatrical, television, mobile, and videogame platforms. DJ2 is also a full service management company representing a roster of top writers, actors, directors, artists, and creatives. Leveraging decades of experience and outstanding industry relationships with film and TV studios, comic publihers, talent agencies, game developers, and game publishers, DJ2  provides a one-stop shop for project development, career guidance, and management.

About Quixotic Transmedia Quixotic is an entertainment consultancy that specializes in transmedia brand development, formulating innovative strategies and turnkey creative solutions that inspire brands to unearth their cross-platform potential. As the business of storytelling continues to evolve, Quixotic Transmedia is committed to serve as a trusted guide for brands eager to develop, produce, and promote their ideas across multiple forms of media. Here we provide a friendly and informed perspective on the transmedia space, enabling our clients to overcome the bewildering learning curve and seize the many opportunities of this ever-evolving marketplace. Our unique process is designed to educate brands on how to produce rich content incorporating media both new and old, utilize emerging technologies and social media as dynamic storytelling and marketing tools, and open an array of accessible entry points that engage fans on multiple levels. In support of this mission, Quixotic has fostered a vast network of quality vendors in every facet of the industry, ensuring that clients make the right friends and align their brands with industry pioneers capable of bringing their ideas to life. Learn more about how you can change the way that you share stories with the world at

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