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Created on March 1, 2012 and written by
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We have some more fanart, with today’s entry coming from an artist I’ve been a big fan of for a while now.  I first became aware of Edinburgh-based artist Iain Laurie through Roachwell, the macabre collection of shorts he worked on with writer Craig Collins.  A savage blend of Lynchian weirdness with non-sequitor titles such as “Chilled Monkey Brains” and “Be Still, My Twitching Lung”, Collins’ bizarre vision was perfectly complimented by Laurie’s art, which immediately became instantly recognisable to me.  Roachwell was actually nominated alongside The Standard in the Best Comic category at the SICBAs last year, and might just have been my pick to win it.  The comic is serialised online here, and I strongly recommend you all check it out.

Iain Laurie has other projects available for your online perusal, including Mothwicke – a darkly hilarious project he’s working on with Fraser Campbell – and his own solo project, an almost stream-of-consciousness slice of nightmarish superhero psychadelia called All the Dead Superheroes.  Other incredibly striking bits and pieces from Laurie can be found on his personal blog, Powwkipsie, which, I must warn you, is somewhat like stepping into the mouth of madness.

I think that’s enough pimping, so I now present to you the cracking drawing he did of our favourite hero, The Standard!

Nice, eh?  I’m pleased to report this isn’t my only experience working with Iain.  He’s done some work with the Glasgow League of Writers on our upcoming first anthology.  Plus, I’m very excited about an upcoming collaboration I’m working on with him, but that’s TOP SECRET, and I can’t give away anything about it yet.  Here’s a hint, though: be sure to follow the #Lazarus hashtag on Twitter for updates!


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