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Man of God #1

Rating: 3/5
Publisher Name: Pinwheel Press
Publisher Website:

Writer: Craig Partin
Pencils: Yvel Guichet
Number of Pages: 31
Price: $3.50
Color: Black & White
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
When a church fire claims the life of John Morris, it seems like just another story for the 10 o’clock news. But when John is reborn and tortured by the sins of those he touches, it becomes so much more. Burned beyond recognition, John flees into the night leaving devastation in his wake as he begins his search for the truth.

Reviewer’s Comments:
Man of God is a black and white comic a bit reminiscent of Marvel’s Ghost Rider, Image Comic’s Spawn and perhaps a little of DC’s Spectre if they were written by an independent with enough guts to push the envelope on what characters like these should present in their stories.

The protagonist, John Morris dies and returns to a sort of semblance of life as what appears will be an avenging angel (or monster as the case may be).

Making others relive their sins with a touch, I’m reminded of the penance stare the Ghost Rider uses on his victims. For some, the revelation of how wrong their sins have been is too much to bare.

The art is somewhat dark, yet very clean and matches the tone of the story as it unfolds in an entertaining ride. The mob scene towards the end of the book felt a little out of place within this story and we don’t get much of an explanation for it but all in all the writing seemed to be done well enough to entice the reader to the next page in an attempt to understand what exactly has happened to the protagonist.

Be forewarned, this book is probably not for the faint of heart and contains graphic imagery of horrendous acts as well as nudity.


Man of God 1 Cover   
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