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Green Arrow #7

Rating: 5/5
Publisher Name: DC Comics
Writer: Anne Nocenti
Pencils: Harvey Tolibao
Number of Pages: 32 pgs.
Price: 2.99
Color: Color
Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP – Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publisher’s Blurb:
Green Arrow’s gone looking for trouble, and he’s found it – in triplicate! Three women who give new meaning to the term “drop dead gorgeous” have our hero outnumbered and outgunned! Collectively, they’re called “Skylark,” and they’ve been sent on a secret mission with Oliver Queen as its focus! Who’s directing them, what is their shadowy goal and will Ollie let his guard down and be gulled by these beautiful and deadly adversaries? Join new creative team Anne Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao as they chart the next chapter in the life of Oliver Queen!

Reviewer’s Comments:
The last Green Arrow issues have been pretty good. However, with the direction Anne Nocenti is taking the series, I definitely want to be onboard for the long haul.

The beginning of this issue finds Oliver Queen in action as Green Arrow. He is reflecting upon his life, and quoting some Shakespeare too. As he moves over rooftops, he is attacked by the Skylark triplets. He is immediately hooked on them, and is infatuated with the three. They introduce themselves, and convince him they should work together. As he goes back to work, he prepares for another journey he is about to undertake. He also works with his other two main assistants Naomi and Jax. Afterwards, Green Arrow takes off on an airplane with the Skylark triplet. However, he finds they are not exactly what he thought.

Anne Nocenti understands Oliver Queen in and out, and is the best writer to take control of the series (if she keeps up the quality of her writing) since JT Krul took control. Harvey Tolibao’s art is fantastic. His grittiness adds to the mean streets of Seattle, and he has a specific way he portrays Ollie that is interesting. He shows the frustration of Ollie in his normal life and his lack of care towards having some chin hairs. Together, this team is off to a good start, and I definitely cannot wait to see what’s next. I haven’t said that really for this series since Krul departed the series….


Green Arrow #7 Cover   
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