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#103 - Fanboy Buzz - Dan Slott

We’re joined in this episode by Dan Slott who discusses all sorts of future Marvel endeavours including Dock Ock’s possible death, the format of how Marvel Comics are made, and Avengers vs X-Men. We’ll also bounce a few other ideas off of him including Spider-Island tie ins, who gets to choose character deaths and his fondness of DC Comics. We’ll also talk about the latest development in AMC’s The Walking Dead TV Series and Captain Marvel Returning to Marvel Comics. In our comic book issue reviews we’ll check out Manhattan Projects #1, Age of Apocalypse #1 and Winter Soldier #3. In Fanboy Feedback we’ll take YOUR QUESTIONS for Dan Slott… oh, and Dan tells us about how Ethan Van Sciver dances with school girls! Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave a voicemail for a future episode!

Show Note 1: Captain Marvel July 2012
Show Note 2: Ethan Van Sciver Dances with School Girls

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