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#101 - Fanboy Buzz

In Episode 101 of the Fanboy Buzz we’re joined by the one and only Ron Marz where we’ll discuss a variety of topics including Voodoo, Green Lantern of the 90s, Marvel vs DC crossover and we’ll also discuss some of his other upcoming projects. In comic book news we’ll run down Comixology now having over 50 million served, Dwayne Johnson Ready to Rock Two Comic Book Films and Sony options Valiant Comics Bloodshot. We’ll also discuss a comic book fan’s recent youtube video of The Hulk vs Superman. Over in our comic book issue discussion we’ll talk about Farscape 1-4, FF 15, Justice League 6 and Invincible 89. In between all of this we’ll also promote Jason to the title of big-shot, we’ll discuss DC’s new out using Pandora with her box and also talk about the evolution of Star Trek. Of course you can always leave us a message at 239-244-2899 for future Fanboy Feedback.

Show Note 1: Ethan Van Sciver Image in our Attachments
Show Note 2: The Hulk vs Superman Fan Video

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