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We celebrate episode 100 with a variety of interviews. We’ll discuss Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose with Holly and Jim from BroadSword Comics and we’ll also get their take on digital and why they chose iVerse for their publisher. The crew will also sit down with Jamal Igle and discuss his ventures into UK comic book conventions and he’ll shed some light on how he ended up working on The Ray (including some concerns he initially had). Ethan Van Sciver takes a phone call from us and discusses a variety of topic including the DC Reboot, the future of Firestorm, the recent DC cancellations, the future of Pandora and he’ll also share with us an opportunity he had to work on a certain big title. Heading over the pond we’ll catch up with Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston discussing a variety of topics including his work on The Avengefuls and he helps answer the question of whether there was any truth behind the recent quote from BOOM!’s Editor-in-Chief regarding the title. Finally, Bryan Hill stops by to discuss his latest work including several screenplays including a project tied to the one and only Pierce Brosnan. Of course in between all the interviews, we’ll talk some usual subjects including Steve Boyd running down the news with topics such as Valiant Comics’ talking variant cover, a new Avengers movie poster, a creator who handcuffs himself to a comic book shop and another media outlet warning parents about content in the new 52. As usual we’ll review some comics including No Place Like home #1, Fantastic Four #603 and Danger Girl: Revolver #2. Before closing with Fanboy Feedback Jason will do his Rapid Fire Reviews. Oh, and PS. A certain past host will come by and give his take on the New 52. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave a message for a future episode.

Show Note 1: New Avengers Movie Poster

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