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“The Man of Many Shades juxtaposes childish innocence with unrepentant violence, but it’s the moments of absurdity that make it such an enjoyable read.”

Something terrible is happening to Sparkle City…
One would think that a world created by a little girl and drawn in crayon would be innocent and free from troubles. And once, long ago, the colorful and misshapen inhabitants did share the peaceful simplicity of their child creator. But that was before the city was seized by an evil dictator, a vile creature who embodies corruption, greed, and malice: the pastel-colored unicorn named Rainbow.
Like most despots, Rainbow thinks himself above the commoners. He worships what he calls “real-world culture,” a jumbled misinterpretation of what he thinks our world is like. In a misguided attempt to bring class, sophistication, and culture to his city, he brought instead crime, poverty, and addiction. Sparkle City turned to a cesspool of corruption, a dark noir setting to contrast the cutesy crayon aesthetic.
But there is hope yet.

Among the citizenry, there walks a man from our world, the real-world. He is not a monochrome scribbling of lines like everyone else; his crayon body is flush with shading, depth, and human proportions. He is the Man of Many Shades.
He arrived under mysterious, yet-to-be-revealed circumstances, straight from his cell in a real-world prison. He is cold, calculating, and pragmatic, but not without a prankster’s sense of humor and a rapier wit. He cares nothing for the plight of Sparkle City, and in fact he has only one concern, into which he throws himself completely: returning home.
His quest introduces him to the leaders of the local rebellion movement, the Persistent Resistance. They claim to know someone who knows a way home, but since they need help with their own opposition, they make the Man of Many Shades an offer. If he wants to continue his journey home, he must help them fight Rainbow.
Will the anti-hero fight for the greater good, risking his life for, in his words, “people I don’t know and certainly don’t like”? Or will he abandon those in need and continue in the way he knows best: alone, and with no regard for anyone but himself?

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