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#99 - Fanboy Buzz

In the very LAST 2-digit episode of the Fanboy Buzz we’ll discuss Army of Darkness #1, AMC’s Comic Book Men, Archie Comics’ CEOs hating (or at least disliking) each other, and Steve will give you his A+++++++ recommendation of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. In usual fashion we’ll also review some specific comic book issues including Adventure Time #1, G.I. Joe 2 Movie Prequel #1, Peter Panzerfaust #1 and Road Rage: Throttle #1. In a crazy turn of events, in between Jason’s segments of Hellblazing and Rapid Fire Reviews, Steve will tell you about some crazy crazy variant information. Finally, we’ll take some fanboy feedback including opinion on the future of “Fanboy Buzz Presents” episodes. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave a message for a future episode.

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