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Created on January 25, 2012 and written by
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In this episode of the Fanboy Buzz we’ll talk about DC Comics’ “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, Kirkman and Liefeld end THE INFINITE, IDOLIZED brings reality tv to comic books and Marvel is getting a couple new all-ages titles. For Steve Boyd’s CCL Pick of the Week he’ll shock us all with a digital-exclusive title, Transformers: Autocracy #1, Stephen tries to catch you up with Star Trek: Ongoing #4, and Jason is very busy recently when he’ll read a trade, take us further into the life of Hellblazer, and also will rapid fire us some reviews. Finally in Issue to Issue we’ll talk about Defenders #2, Scarlet Spider #1, and Wolverine 300. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave a message for a future episode….. oh, and GI Joe can teach you how to swim.

Show Note 1: Spidey Super Stories Cover
Show Note 2: Cheedle Captain Planet Action
Show Note 3: Star Trek: Ongoing #4 Variant
Show Note 4: Rains’ Music Video

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