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The biggest superhero brawl in the history of the Marvel Universe begins this April in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX

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FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 4/3/12

Creator Corner - Hound Comics

Om Nom Nom!

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Anyone who pays attention to our updates knows that we are not only quickly rising up as one of the hottest comic books, but that we are also expanding our horizons with food! Everywhere we go, we find the places that everyone is talking about and then put them to the Food Hound’s test!

Since starting this venture in the foodie world, we’ve discovered and experienced some of the most amazing restaurants and eateries. So far we’ve been to about twenty different spots, and I’m gonna lay out my personal favorite 5 for you!! This list was NOT easy to put together, and even harder to list them in any order…so this is not a “top 5” but a “favorite 5”.


#5 – Tacos Locos

Tacos Locos was actually the first Tidbit we ever did. Story behind it was simple, Mina wanted a burrito for breakfast. The spot is nice and cozy, and right down the road from the convention center in Chicago, so if you’re there for a comic-con, trade show, or just in the area, check this place out.

#4 – Mozaik

While in Columbus we got to see a lot of different sites. For example, the Pumpkin Show! We had a lot of fun there, but nothing will compare to our finger food experience at Mozaik! This club is a little more on the swank end of the stick, but we have no problem with that, all sorts of people come in to hang out and have a good time. We had a blast, me especially since I got some Scotch, YUM! Can’t wait to go back again!

#3 – Turf ‘N Surf Po-Boy

Austin is town to EAT! Yes sir, there are so many restaurants, food trailers, dives… so much to fill your belly with. Turf ‘N Surf is one of the food trailers, but they do it a little differently than other trailers. Everything about the place is green, from the materials used to put it all together, to the fact that everything is fresh and healthy! Lots of fish, plenty of greens! I love this spot and you NEED NEED NEED to eat here when you’re in Austin!

#2 – West Tavern

When it comes to having fun, the Hound family knows how to get down. We threw our very own after party for Wizard World Chicago. We had drinks, karaoke, and a ton of talent come down to join us at the West Tavern. The spot is also the home of the one and only Dirty Chef!! He is the creator of the amazing Dirty Dust, and he makes it on everything. His two hottest items are the burgers and wings. Best. Chicken. Wings. EVER.

#1 – Fogo De Chao

Ever hear of Brazilian churrascaria? It’s Brazilian BBQ! Fogo De Chao is the best churrascaria I’ve ever had. The meats were super delicious, always fresh, always coming out! In fact, meat doesn’t stop coming to your table with your meat card on go. Everything from beef, to pork and chicken…they have everything. They also have an amazing salad bar, with already made salads and different ingredients so you can make your own as well. And forget about the dessert… one word: flan. Get it, you will not regret never trying the gelatinous sweet treat that it is. I cannot, will not, and shall not stop drooling when thinking of Fogo. 5 stars, two thumbs up, you go here now.

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Joe Mulvey Set to SCAM the Comic Market (8 page preview)

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Joe Mulvey Set to SCAM the Comic Market (8 page preview)

January 11, 2012 — New York, NY — The first printing of SCAM #1, the comic book debut of writer/artist Joe Mulvey, will hit the shelves of select comic retailers on January 25, 2012.

SCAM is “X-Men meets Oceans 11″ and involves a team of super-powered grifters on the biggest con of their lives…taking down a Vegas casino and getting revenge on a former teammate who double-crossed them.

SCAM #1 is the double-sized first installment of a five-issue mini-series, and marks the latest release from creator-owned publisher ComixTribe (The Red Ten, The Standard.)

SCAM #1 first printing is limited to only 777 copies, and will be exclusive in just 21 comic shops!

SCAM #1 will release on January 25, the last new comic day of the month. Physical retail copies will be EXCLUSIVE to only those 21 stores for 30 days, before ComixTribe opens up wider distribution for the second printing and future issues.

“ComixTribe is delivering a fantastic product, a great attitude, and amazing retail support,” says Chris Humphries of Alpha Comics in Canada, one of the SCAM 21. “Of course, as a new small shop, I love having exclusivity.”

Retailers taking large positions in the book are eligible for the “Pit Boss Upgrade”- an exclusive, store-branded cover of SCAM #1. “We did EXTREMELY well with Sam Humphries’ SACRIFICE recently, so we are all about the self-published stuff,” said Steve Anderson of Maryland-based Third Eye Comics, one such retailer.

To promote the book, Mulvey will be doing a release party signing at a New York-area comic shop on January 25 (details pending), and will follow it with a New England Comics Retailers Alliance (NECRA) store tour, which starts at Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 11:00 am, and continues on to Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics in Lowell, MA, at 3:00 pm.

A full list of retailers carrying SCAM is included below.

Retailers: Interested in Joining the SCAM 21?

ComixTribe has a limited number of spots left for retailers interested in becoming one of only 21 retailers carrying SCAM #1 in January. These spots will be filled first-come, first-serve, so if you are a progressive retailer looking to support quality creator-owned books and want exclusivity for 30 days, contact (or DM @tylerjamescomic at Twitter) immediately.

Readers: Don’t Miss Out On SCAM #1 First Printing!

Want to make sure you get a copy of SCAM #1? Readers have three options available to purchase:

1.) Pre-order now from any of the retailers listed below to reserve your copy and pick-up January 25, 2012.

2.) If your retailer is not carrying SCAM #1, pre-order now directly from

3.) Buy it digitally on January 25, from digital distribution partners, including, DriveThruComics, MyDigitalComics, and Wowio.

Stay tuned to and our Online Press Release for more retailer announcement, previews, updates and more!

8-Page Preview of SCAM #1!

Book Details

SCAM #1 is a double-sized first issue, 44 pages, full color. Story & Art – Joe Mulvey Digital Inks – John Ercek and Jules Rivera Colors – Andrew Crossley Letters – AndWorld Design Cover – Joe Mulvey and Andrew Crossley Editor – Tyler James and Steven Forbes Publisher: ComixTribe Format: 44 pages, Full color Rarting: Teen + Up Price: $3.99 ©2012 Joe Mulvey

Announced Retailers Carrying SCAM #1 include:

Third Eye Comics – (Pit Boss Retailer! Exclusive Store Variant Available!) Double Midnight Comics – Manchester, NH Friendly Neighborhood Comics (SCAM Tour Destination!) Bellingham, MA Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics (SCAM Tour Destination!) – Lowell, MA Happy Harbor – Edmonton, Alberta, CA Alpha Comics – Calgary, Alberta, CA Jetpack Comics – Rochester, NH Casablanca Comics – Portland, ME & Windham, ME Comics Den – Queens, NY Collector’s Paradise – Canoga Park, CA & Pasadena, CA

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