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Created on December 16, 2011 and written by
Category: Fanboy Buzz - Comic Book Podcasts

In this episode of the Fanboy Buzz we chat about the latest poster for the upcoming DARK KNIGHT RISES movie, we’ll discuss whether or not Brazil’s FIQ comic book convention is actually beating out SDCC, we’ll also laugh at the awesomeness that is (((William Shatner vs Carrie Fisher) vs George Takei) vs Twilight) and we’ll talk about the upcoming Superman Family Adventures. After that Steven Boyd will throw you his CCL Pick of the Week (G.I. Joe #8), Stephen will tell you how Irredeemable is blowing his mind, Jason takes a venture into 1999 to re-read about Evil Ernie: War of the Dead and in Issue to Issue we’ll check out Action Comics #4, Voltron #1 and X-Club #1. Of course, before we head into our Fanboy Feedback and discuss the “X” in X-Men, Jason will rapid fire us some reviews. Call us at 239-244-2899 and leave a message.

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