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Fanboy Buzz - Episode #083

This episode of the podcast we’ll talk about how the Occupy protest is heating up with Alan Moore publicly slamming on Frank Miller, Steve tells us how Universal and Rosenberg are facing a lawsuit over Cowboys and Aliens, we wonder what the X Stands for in X-Men, Jason shares a personal news story that’s dear to his heart, Steve will tell us about the Free Comic Book Day titles and we’ll also chat about whether its good or bad to die on the toilet. Moving forward Steve’s CCL pick of the week is Defenders #1, Stephen goes away from the sucky comics for a bit to tell you how awesome Star Trek: Ongoing is, and in addition to his rapid fire reviews Jason suggests we all read Conan the Invincible. In Issue to Issue we’ll talk review FF#12, Herc #10 and Daredevil #6. Finally, we take two voicemail calls and also take a well thought out email which follows up on the digital comics debate. You can always call us at 239-244-2899 and weigh in on our topics.

Show Note 1: Original Cowsboys and Aliens Cover
Show Note 2: Jason’s Cool News Artice
Show Note 3: Modern Geek Podcast episode where they also talk about digital formats

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  1. nothing


    12-22-2011 6:38 pm

    You know, I always thought the X in X-Men was just similar to “ex-wife” or “ex-Marine”. I took it to mean that they were no longer men (they were mutants).


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